Germany, pedophile network dismantled: 400 thousand members

What has been called “the largest child pornography platform in the world” on the darknet has been dismantled by the German police forces. According to what was announced by the Federal Criminal Office (Bka) in Wiesbaden, seven searches were carried out among others in North-Rhine Westphalia, Bavaria and Hamburg, which led to the closure of the platform entitled “Boytown”, which according to investigators counted over 400 thousand subscribers.

Three people ended up in handcuffs, according to the police responsible for the portal in Germany. Another German citizen was arrested in Paraguay following an international arrest order. As for the first three, they are a forty-year-old from Paderborn, a 49-year-old from Munich and a 58-year-old German resident in South America for years: according to the accusation they are the administrators of the platform.

An additional 64-year-old man, from Hamburg, would have registered in July 2019 on “Boytown” becoming one of its most active members, having posted over 3500 “contributions” of a child pornography nature on the site. The defendants were arrested more than two weeks ago following the search of their homes. As for the man arrested in Paraguay, the investigators asked for extradition on the basis of the international mandate.

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