Germany reports the highest number of infections in three months

The number of corona infections in Germany has reached its highest level since the beginning of May. The Robert Koch-Institut, the German Sciensano, reported 1,226 new infections in one day on Wednesday. “This is worrying, no doubt,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn told radio station Deutschlandfunk on Wednesday.

More infections were last registered on 9 May. Then there were 1,251. At the peak of the first wave in early April, there were more than 6,000. Since the end of May, the number of new daily infections had dropped to below 500, with an increase since the end of last month.

In early June, Germany had to deal with a major outbreak at a North Rhine-Westphalia slaughterhouse. However, the current increase cannot be attributed to a few sources of contamination. Experts had feared such a development, because such a scattered increase is more difficult to combat.

“Stay very vigilant”

“We see here, as a result of returning travelers, as well as all kinds of parties, that we have smaller and larger outbreaks almost all over the country,” said Spahn. He called on the Germans to remain “very, very vigilant”.

In Germany, the children will gradually return to school in the coming weeks. Schools opened Wednesday in the most densely populated state of North Rhine-Westphalia. There, mouth masks are mandatory even during lessons, except in primary schools. But there, too, the mouth mask is mandatory if the students move.

Since the start of the corona crisis, almost 220,000 infections have been diagnosed in Germany. Compared to the day before, six extra deaths were reported on Wednesday, all together it concerns more than 9,200 deaths.


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