Germany rules out the “covid passport” for employees and the mandatory vaccine | World

The German Government said today that it rules out the implementation of a “covid passport” for employees as is the case in Italy and assured that it is committed to the “proven measures” currently in force, while rejecting to make the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 mandatory. .

At a press conference, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Labor indicated that she has no knowledge of plans in that direction, while that of the Executive, Steffen Seibert, recalled that the occupational safety regulations and regulations were only extended until the end of the year. “proven measures” of protection against the coronavirus.

He stressed the importance of the obligation on the part of the employer to offer two tests per week to employees who work in person, hygiene and distancing measures and the mandatory use of a mask.

“The government has always rejected mandatory vaccination and the position has not changed,” he added.

According to Seibert, the “sensible thing” now is to carefully observe the evolution of the vaccination campaign, the spread of the virus, the incidents and hospitalizations and see the situation in which Germany finds itself with the arrival of autumn and winter for ” draw the “relevant conclusions.

On the other hand, he assured that the government understands that people may have doubts, but he alluded to “scientific facts” that are “very clear” and that “speak in favor of a vaccine.”

In that sense, he pointed out that currently the vast majority of those admitted with coronavirus in hospitals and ucis are people who have not been vaccinated or who have only received the first dose.

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Still, he reiterated that people’s doubts about vaccination must be taken seriously and possible questions answered.

Until this Thursday, 67.0% of the population of Germany had been vaccinated, 62.8% with the complete schedule.

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