Germany vs Serbia: Jogi Löw causes a brutal foul


Updated March 21, 2019, at 10:16

The start of the German national team in the 2019 international championship fails with a home draw against Serbia with an unsatisfactory result. The national coach Joachim Löw still speaks of a "good signal" and is glad he did not lose Leroy Sané seriously injured.

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Questions to head coach Joachim Loew at the press conference after the 1: 1 of the German national soccer team at the start of Wednesday night in Wolfsburg against Serbia.

What is your conclusion after the draw at the beginning of the year?

Joachim Loew: "We saw two different times, in the first it was not so easy for our team, especially after the posting.

It was noted that some automatisms were not yet available against the relatively low-ranking Serbs.

Which was very positive and the team sent a very positive signal that in the second half we were able to dominate the game for the most part. We have developed many possibilities in the game. We played powerfully forward. "

What did you like?

"The mentality of the team that so far has not played together was very good, it was a clear signal, we have to do the experience in the first half, but I am completely satisfied with the second half, in terms of possibilities and overweight & # 39 ; We should have won the game. & # 39;

Have your requests been completely met in the second half of the year?

"We approached and we also played at a much faster pace, we were much more present, which greatly increased our dangerousness."

How did you see the foul on Leroy Sané?

The Serbian Milan Pavkov, behind, Germany's striker Leroy Sané on 20 March 2019 in Wolfsburg occurs in the test match at the height of the central line around the rude.

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"It was a very bad foul in a midfielder match, the coach apologized to me, it's a situation, he can break a foot, but nothing happened to him."

You said the focus is on the Netherlands. Is that why you experimented?

"I wanted to give some players the chance to show off what a Marco Reus, a Toni Kroos or a Toni Rüdiger can do, I know they have been with us for a while.

I wanted to see some insights into how a young, inexperienced team behaves in the field, how it responds and what each is able to show individually. We will need a Toni Kroos and these forces on Sunday. "

How do you want to eliminate long term misuse?

"The consequence is a problem, that was the intuition already in the last year, a substantial action in defense before the objective, for example in the standard situation in front of the objective.

Exactly the same applies to our consequence in the conclusion. We have created many possibilities, similar to Paris, France and the Netherlands. In the end we remain empty-handed. We need to talk about these things again ".

Marco Reus brought the reversal. How do you see its development?

"Unfortunately, Marco missed us so much that he had rarely been on the team for the last seven or eight years, and if you take his qualities and his great class as a point of reference, we could have used it in many games to become more mature because we assume more responsibility, has a good reputation and enjoys respect. "

Does the Dortmund captain also help him with the DFB team?

"I think he helps him run in Dortmund as a captain, who models a player, and then he knows he is a spokesman for the team.

On the field Marco always wants the ball, regardless of the score. Marco always assumes responsibility. He went through a process to become an expert player who, no matter what game, knows no nervousness. "

Do you have enough time to hire the team for the match in the Netherlands?

"We now have two, three days of training and recovery, and we will be testing the game, but starting Friday, preparations will begin.

This means having many conversations, showing situations, the team and the individual players. What can we do better? Where were the errors? We have to work on it. So we still have two units for tactical work. It is not much, but in conversations and meetings we can already acquire a lot.

We still have to deal with the Netherlands. The enemy is more obvious to us than Serbia. "

Will Manuel Neuer score against the Netherlands?

"You can wait for it."

And what are the possibilities of Marc-André ter Stegen?

"Marc will be in his bets in some games by the end of the year."

Ilkay Gündogan was captain in the second half. A special gesture?

"In any case, he was the most experienced player on the field after Manuel Neuer left, having been in the team in 2011, 2012. He was a bit like Marco Reus with him, so much experience was often injured , that is why he captained in the second half ".

How did you find Lukas Klostermann on his debut?

"I thought he had a really good game on the right side, so I'm glad he had a good start, because it's not so obvious." (Dpa / HAU)

Leroy Sané was not injured. This was the most important result for Joachim Löw after an unnecessarily difficult start for Serbia's Milan Pavkov in the Test International Match in Wolfsburg. Pavkov had risked breaking Sané's foot. Löw's colleague Mladen Krstajic apologized for the bad scene.

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