Germany will host the European football championship-2024

The host country of the European Football Championship of 2024 has been determined. The tournament will be held in Germany.

This decision was taken by the Executive Committee of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The announcement ceremony of the host of the competitions showed the presentations of two candidates: Germany and Turkey. UEFA President Alexander Cheferin stressed that two very strong applications are fighting for the right to host the Euro-2024.

"Two major footballing countries are fighting for the European Championship," said Cheferin, "but, alas, only one will be able to host the tournament."

The undoubted advantage of Germany was that almost the entire infrastructure was ready. Stadiums that meet the requirements of UEFA, in the country c & # 39; is also, 34 of the 48 training bases have been approved by UEFA. Foreign experts have noted that an important factor in favor of Germany will be adherence to the principles of respect for human rights and freedoms, which UEFA is now paying close attention to. In particular, six of the 10 cities in which Euro-2024 is supposed to take place are part of the Coalition of European cities.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in their presentation the Germans did not talk about the infrastructure – their video was a reference to the future, when the tournament is already taking place in Germany. Strangely, by the way, in the video was shown part of the table of the European Championship tournament – in particular, group B was seen, which was the Russian team together with the teams of Spain, Belgium and Iceland.

The Turks did not present a specific program on human rights and freedoms, but the presentation focused on the development of the football infrastructure. In fact, over the past eight years, more than 30 stadiums have been built in the country – it should be noted, more modern than in Germany. And eight arenas of 10, which according to the idea should have accepted the matches of the Euro-2024, are already ready. We also note that Turkey has asked for more for Euro-2016 and since then has done a great job. This could play in favor of the country – Germany, we recall, held the European Championship and two world championships, the last of which took place in 2006.

However, the choice was finally made in favor of Germany. "The procedure was clean and the elections were democratic," said Cheferin.

The president of the German Football Association, Reinhard Grindel, and German ambassador, 2006 world champion Phil Lahm took the stage. They expressed their gratitude to UEFA and stressed that their country is really ready to accept the tournament.

"Thanks for this choice, for accepting our arguments and our concept," said Grindel, "we have all the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the European championship is at the highest level".

The European Championship will take place between June and July 2024 and will be attended by 24 teams. Note that after the experimental Euro-2020, which will be played in 12 cities around the world, UEFA has decided to return to the traditional system of hosting the tournament in one country.


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