Germany's insolvency also affects the deportation flight – Tui gives hope to customers


The airline Germany is broke and stopped on Tuesday for all flights. Even a deportation flight was hit. After more than 600 flights at Nuremberg Airport, after all there is a taker with Tui fly.

Federal police had to organize a substitute flight due to Germany's insolvency

15:44: Due to the airline's failure, the federal police had to reprogram Germany for a deportation flight at short notice. A substitute flight was scheduled on Tuesday with the Sundair company, a spokesman for the federal police said on Thursday. Previously, Der Spiegel had spoken about it. "31 Albanians and 24 Kosovar citizens have been flown", declared the federal police in Potsdam. "There were no additional costs." The Airbus A320 had been rented for the normal market price of 67 584 euros.

Germany had presented unexpected bankruptcy at the beginning of this week. Sundals Stralsund company has supplied Airbus to the Frankfurt airport. However, the aircraft was brought there by Kassel, a spokesman for Sundair said. The plane flew from Frankfurt via Tirana to Pristina and back to Frankfurt. According to Sundair, the rental price is based on the season – in summer it costs more – the route – in this case with two destinations – and the size of the plane.

After Germany's bankruptcy: Tui fly takes more than 600 flights to Nuremberg

13:56: After Germany's failure, Tui fly is expanding its offer at Nuremberg Airport. At the start of the summer program on 24 April, the airline will be monitoring targets in Greece, the Canary Islands and Egypt, the company said on Thursday. With more than 600 flights, Tui fly takes over about a third of the flights previously offered by Germany, an airport spokesman said.

Tui fly will also station a second Boeing 737 in Nuremberg to complete its crew, Tui-fly CEO Oliver Lackmann announced. Non-stop flights were offered to Heraklion, Corfu, Kos and Rhodes as well as Fuerteventura, Las Palmas, Tenerife and Hurghada and Marsa Alam in Egypt. "The potential in Franconia is huge and we are happy to offer so many sun destinations directly," he stressed. The need for flight attendants and co-pilots could initially be covered by their own staff, said company spokesman Aage Dünhaupt.

Goodbye to Germany.


13:37: Due to the failure of the airline Germany, the supply of flights has been reduced in some way – this gap will be compensated quickly, according to industry estimates. He sees no charges for national air traffic, said the president of the German Federal Aviation Association, Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, on Thursday in Berlin. There is a very strong competition and large capacity of other airlines in this country. This is likely to quickly fill the gap in the flight range. However, failure could lead to the fact that the market shares of foreign airlines increase and the shares of German companies sink.

Update from 06 February, 13.02 clock: After the failure of the airline Germany, the temporary insolvency administrator examines the existing assets – the situation is still confused externally. In the sector, only some take-off and landing rights of the company are of interest. The airlines are also skipped over the flight operations of Germany ceased to take passengers to their destinations.

The subsidiary of Lufthansa Eurowings wants to request the take-off and landing rights released at the Düsseldorf airport. Germany had interesting slots in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has now returned to the Federal Republic's airport coordinator for redistribution, said the head of the Eurowings Thorsten Dirks on Wednesday in Frankfurt. These times are interesting for Eurowings. However, Dirks has ruled out an acquisition of parts of Germany to take over the rights as in the previous Air Berlin bankruptcy.

On Tuesday night, the Berlin-based airline Germany declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. On the other hand, the commercial activities of its subsidiaries Germania Flug AG in Switzerland and the Bulgarian Eagle continued.

Aus-Germany: bad news for Nuremberg airport

Update from 06 February, 13.02 clock: After leaving the German airline, the Free State will not provide any financial support at the Nuremberg airport, which is mainly affected by Bavaria. "Germany's insolvency is deplorable, but the Nuremberg airport is in a very good position and is in a strong economic region," a spokesperson for the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs said on Wednesday.

He was optimistic that for the airline the attractive substitute would arrive at the second largest airport in Bavaria. Germany was the largest holiday airline at Albrecht-Dürer-Airport and, with a market share of around 11%, is the third-largest service provider.

Regional airports in the Free State, such as Memmingen, can, from the point of view of the Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters), assume a relief function for the Munich international hub. "In my opinion, this will increase in the coming years," said Aiwanger.

"They are completely desperate": German customers describe dramatic situations

17:39: After the insolvent airline Germany canceled all flights, the holiday dream has now broken out for numerous travelers from all over Germany. Nicole Couzens (32) and Sandro Schulze (35) from Finsterwalde are particularly impressed. As reported by the Bild newspaper, they wanted to spend a family holiday in Hurghada (Egypt) with their children Chloe (7) and Emily (11).

At Dresden airport, the parents told each other image: "We found out from the car radio coming in. The hotline told us to wait, now we are completely desperate, we saved two years on the journey".

The insolvent Germany airline

© dpa / Bernd Settnik

Travelers who book directly with Germany are not entitled to any compensation

A total of 1588 euros paid the noisy family image for their holidays – at least they should now be rebooked by the tour operator. Travelers who book directly with the airline are not entitled to compensation. So also Susanne noise (41) from Monaco. Travel to Egypt with her children (8 and 12) each year and book flights directly with Germany via her credit card. That's why the family holiday this year is unfortunately out.

Also Daniel Würfel (34) and his girlfriend Fiona (30) from Osnabrück are facing important problems for Aus-Germany: they want to celebrate their wedding in Ibiza. For some of the 50 guests invited to the wedding, the couple booked in October through the flights of Germany for the island. Between 250 and 300 euros the return flight each guest cost. "Now we have to watch as we receive an entire wedding party to book new flights – and then each with more than 300 euros per person," the future husband told the newspaper.

The bankruptcy of Germany covers a total of about 60,000 travelers

According to information provided by the AFP news agency, about 60,000 travelers who wanted to fly within the next two weeks are directly interested in Aus-Germany. The insolvency administrator Rüdiger Wienberg has confirmed that the travelers of the package have the right to replace the transport, which their tour operator must organize. Anyone who has booked directly with Germany, for which this guarantee does not apply.

The price of the paid ticket can be registered in this case as a claim for the insolvency table, as explained by Wienberg. Victims should not be active. They would be contacted after the insolvency procedure was opened and would have received information on how to proceed.

Swiss insolvent airline: impact on customers exceeding expectations

14:20: Many Germans will receive new travel plans for spring and summer in the coming weeks – from the tour operator with whom they have booked. Because the request for bankruptcy of the airline Germany not only directly affects travelers who now have not been programmed for their holiday or home destination in February, but also on many bookings for the high season. In the case of flat-rate trips organized by tour operators, the departure and departure points may change.

For many tour operators, Germany was so far one of many ways to take travelers from A to B. For example, at the FTI in Munich, the day after the bankruptcy petition was published, it was said that Germany it had been a "valuable partner", particularly for smaller German departure airports. Schauinsland's trip to Duisburg estimated the number of one-way air tickets to be rebooked to 70,000 by the end of the summer 2019. Mostly the travelers were hit with the destinations Mallorca, Antalya / Turkey and Greece. DER Touristik announced that it was time to rebook the flights for Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Update 13:26: The Verdi union provided legal assistance to the employees of the insolvent German airline. "The crews have shown full commitment despite the unrest and can not be left alone now," said Christine Behle of the Greens federal executive on Tuesday. Since there are no collective agreements and no factory councils in Germany, the union is not actually involved in insolvency proceedings.

For the failure of Germany and Air Berlin Verdi was responsible for a ruinous competition among the airlines. The cheap tickets went to the employees. Employees are often poorly paid and have no participation rights, the union said.

The airline Germany is insolvent: the Minister of Economy Altmaier reacts coldly – No intervention planned

Update 12:35: The Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) sees no reason for state aid due to the insolvency of the German airline. "This is a market economy case," Altmaier said Tuesday in Berlin. Success and failure are part of the market economy. The state did not try to save Air Berlin. "And things have run their course, as well as here."

At Air Berlin he was helped, so that the passengers left on the ground return. Germany was interested in a "much smaller-scale" case, most passengers could probably be helped by organizers and travel agencies, who were booked on flights. Within the federal government, the situation is currently being analyzed, stressed Altmaier, including representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Finance.

The flights are listed on an information board at the Tegel airport. Including two aircraft from Germany, which have been canceled. During the night, the Berlin-based company had officially filed for bankruptcy.

© dpa / Paul Zinken

Update 12:25: The airline Germany is insolvent – which also means drastic consequences for many airports. For example, at the airport of Münster / Osnabrück, Germany's passengers achieved a good quarter of the total volume. Reported on the airport's response*.

Germany's bankruptcy: "This is taking revenge" – consumer advocates demand better customer protection

Update 10:38: In view of the insolvency of the airline Germany, consumer advocates demand better customer protection. Bankruptcy insurance for airlines, which helps customers in the event of bankruptcy, has not yet been decided, said the Consumer Federation Council, Klaus Müller, and appealed to the policy, to finally act. "Despite the experience of the Air Berlin bankruptcy, the German government and the EU have done nothing, this revenge now." Germany's customers now threaten "immense damage".

The ADAC also called for a commitment to protect bankruptcy for passengers, as it already exists for holiday packages. Alternatively, there is the possibility of obliging airlines to offer insurance for the ticket price and return transport when they sell the tickets. "This will increase consumer awareness of risk and at the same time create a solution on a voluntary basis," says the Traffic Club. Berlin-based airline Germany announced on Tuesday night a bankruptcy petition and the termination of their operations flight.

Swiss insolvent airline: Lufthansa helps – these flights are canceled – News

Update 09:47: Following the bankruptcy of the Germany airline, the Lufthansa group and the Condor airline offer discounted tickets for the passengers concerned. The largest overlap is with the subsidiary Eurowings, a Lufthansa spokesperson said on Tuesday in Frankfurt. The offers are aimed particularly at passengers who do not travel with a package tour operator.

German customers blocked abroad could book flights from Eurowings for return flights until the end of February 2019 and were subsequently reimbursed for half the fare. The same procedure is offered by Tuifly. Condor also wants to transport half of Germany's guests, as long as the seats are available in standby mode.

In addition, a reservation procedure will be established on in the next few days, with which you can book discounted tickets for the airlines of the Lufthansa network, Switzerland and Austria. Here the flat-rate net prices of 50 euros (Europe) and 200 euros (Middle East) are provided.

Travelers who wanted to fly with Germany's insolvent airline, are in the C hall at Tegel Airport.

© dpa / Paul Zinken

Update 09.38: Due to the suspension of the flight operations of Germany's insolvent airline, four flights to the Nuremberg airport were canceled on Tuesday. Scheduled flights to and from Hurghada (Egypt) and Funchal (Portugal) have been canceled on the airport's website. Additional links have not been scheduled for Tuesday.

According to a report by Spiegel Online, flights depart for Tuesday's Tegel and Schönefeld, Dusseldorf, Münster, Rostock-Laage, Bremen and Hamburg airports.

Bankruptcy is of great importance for Nuremberg airport because Germany is an important customer. Since the exit of the Air Berlin market, the company had become particularly strong and had established itself in Nuremberg as the largest tourism airline. According to the airport operator, Germany flew from Nuremberg to 29 destinations in 12 countries this year. In Münster, cancellations also have strong effects, such as* reported

Germany as Air Berlin: the next German airline ceases operation – due to bankruptcy

Berlin – The airline company of Berlin Germany has filed for bankruptcy and ceased its activities. As announced by the company overnight, Germany Fluggesellschaft GmbH and its subsidiary for technical services, Germany Technik Brandenburg GmbH and Germany Flugdienste GmbH are concerned. On the other hand, the commercial operations of Swiss Germany Flug AG and the Bulgarian Eagle continue.

The managing director Karsten Balke justified the step by saying that he failed to successfully complete the funding efforts to cover short-term liquidity needs. "We are very sorry that, as a result, we had no choice but to file for bankruptcy," said Balke. He regretted the impact of the transfer on employees who did their best to ensure reliable flight operations, even in the last few weeks of operation. Interested passengers apologized to Balke.

Video: another German airline less

Germany suspends flight operations: the passengers concerned must now do so

Passengers who have booked their flight Germany as part of a tourist package should, according to the notification, contact their tour operator directly for a replacement transport. But according to the law, there is no claim for anyone who bought his plane ticket directly from Germany.

At the beginning of January Germany's financial difficulties became known. However, flight operations initially continued according to plan. Meanwhile, the company had talked about successful financing negotiations. At the end of January, however, it was learned that there were delays in paying January salaries to employees. The airline has justified the financial bottleneck with massive increases in kerosene prices and with an "exceptionally high number of technical services for the fleet".

Airline Germany: the bankruptcy was filed after more than 30 years of history

On Monday there had been a report on a group of investors from North Rhine-Westphalia, which gave hope. Referring to their own information, the "Neue Ruhr / Neue Rhein Zeitung" reported that a group wanted to help under the coordination of former airline managers and that a million short-figure figures should be provided.

The group should also include the former head of the Air Berlin Joachim Hunold. Germany declined to comment on the report. At night it followed the communication that before the Berlin-Charlottenburg district court, insolvency had been requested for the companies mentioned.

Germany is a German airline with over 30 years of history. It was founded in 1986, and since 2009 Berlin is the headquarters of the company. On short and medium haul routes, the airline has transported over four million passengers annually to over 60 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Together with the German Swiss Flugbetrieb AG and the Bulgarian eagle, Germany has recently operated with 37 aircraft.

It was not until the end of October 2017 that the second German airline, Air Berlin, ceased operations, affecting approximately 8,000 employees. In the autumn of 2018, the charter company Small Planet Airlines, based in Berlin, went bankrupt.

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