Germany's next top model: Simone Kowalski is the winner in 2019


“Germany's Next Top Model” 2019 is history and Simone Kowalski (21) is the shining winner of this season's season. In the ISS Dome in Dusseldorf, she prevailed against her final competitors Sayana (20) and Cäcilia (19) and thus cleared also 100,000 euros and the corresponding model contract. Previously, there was a bombastic live show, peppered with international superstars. But in turn.

First, 50 acrobats and singers of the Cirque de Soleil heated in a big opening show the audience in the hall and on the home TV set properly. After a brief welcome by Heidi Klum (45), it was already in the first review of the evening: Even without an audience gave the US superstar Taylor Swift (29) in the hall a small private concert for Heidi and her little girls.

Girlpower on the first walk

In several flashbacks of course once again the funniest and most beautiful scenes of the past season were shown, of course, with the prominent guest jurors such as Paris Hilton (38), Thomas Gottschalk (69), Wolfgang Joop (74) or Gisele Bundchen (38). Live in the studio then supported the inventor of the original top model show in the US, Tyra Banks (45), her German colleague Heidi Klum.

The two experienced models then watched together the first Walk of the evening of the finalists, which was under the motto “Girl Power”. After their respective performances in XXXL dresses – garnished with feminist slogans such as “God is a Woman” – all three each held a flaming plea equality between man and woman. Thomas Gottschalk then took the bench next to Banks and Klum to award the Personality Award.

Tatjana clears the Personality Award

For the fans this year, Tatjana (22), Theresia (26) and Melissa (23) were selected for their extraordinary personality. The spectators, who were able to vote for their favorite, opted for Tatjana, who could hardly believe her luck: “I really did not expect that, I'm more than the transgender girl and I believed in myself, that's why I'm standing here your thing through! “

After the performance of the Jonas Brothers Heidi had to separate from the first candidate. Cäcilia did not make it into the top two and had to leave the final prematurely. Then it was the grand entrance of Ellie Goulding (32), who gave her song “Sixteen” to the best, while the best models of the season in bridal dresses over the catwalk ran. Theresia had the most opulent outfit, which came to the end in the end and gave her fiancé Thomas (54) in tears the yes-word. Heidi Klum slipped into the role of “registrar”.

Channing Tatum does not get naked

For all female viewers, of course, the appearance of the Hollywood star and heartthrob Channing Tatum (39) was longed for. First, his dance / striptease group “Magic Mike Live” put a pretty hot performance on the floor before their boss came on stage. But there was one small disappointment: Tatum was the only one to keep his shirt on. “Nobody wants to see that at the moment,” the actor said regarding the condition of his current body.

Of course, Heidi Klum's fiancé Tom Kaulitz (29) also made his big appearance. Together with his band Tokio Hotel he performed among others the “GNTM” title song “Melancholic Paradise” and was optically supported by the two remaining models Simone and Sayana in butterfly costumes.

At the end of the three-hour show, the final decision was made. Heidi Klum brought the decision: Simone is the new top model, Sayana was unfortunately empty.


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