‘Gert late night’ moors in Blankenberge because Bruges …

Gert Verhulst will moor with the Evanna in the marina of Blankenberge at the end of August for new recordings of Gert late night. The coastal city came to an agreement with SBS after Bruges previously refused.

In June it became known that Bruges had refused a proposal from production house SBS to receive Gert Verhulst, his yacht Evanna and the production team. Mayor Dirk De fauw found the price of 110,000 euros irresponsible in corona times. Now the Vier program is mooring in Blankenberge, which will probably only have to cough up part of the aforementioned amount. After all, the city already had an agreement with SBS in the context of a multi-year collaboration from which The mole by the sea already came forth.

The Blankenberge marina will be the base for Gert Verhulst, James Cooke and the entire production. In addition to a berth for the Evanna, space must also be provided for a number of containers and other facilities. For the production crew of the popular talk show, time was running out anyway: at the beginning of September the program has to be broadcast again. Normally, the arrival of Gert late night officially announced at the end of this week. The recordings would take place at the end of August and last a total of about two weeks, although the latter is not yet completely certain.


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