Gestaccio di Zaniolo under the eyes of Anna Falchi, a video nails him: So he replied

What does Zaniolo do? The Roma player is about to go down the steps leading to the Olimpico changing rooms, he has his eyes turned towards the stands. They call him and he turns around. The Lazio fans give him mocking chants, some even heavy and he responds with two rude gestures that make the rounds of social media.

Nicolò Zaniolo he was among the protagonists of the Roma beaten in the derby against Lazio. For good (for the performance that has always seen him in the thick of the game and among the proudest) and for the bad (for what happened when he left the field). Jokes of the tension, of the disappointment for having lost a match (3-2) that in the Eternal City is not (and will never be) like the others. Jokes of the adrenaline that still circulates in the body and takes over. This is also part of folklore. Strong, still folklore.

The gestacci of Zaniolo to the fans of Lazio

It is the showgirl Anna Falchi, a Lazio fan, to take everything back. She is sitting in the stands, in a position not far from the stairs that lead the players to the locker rooms that take the passage and go to the belly of the Olimpico. “I was resuming the derby at the end of the game … Zaniolo’s response to Lazio”, writes in support of some shots shared on social networks in which he shows the tenor of the Romaist’s reply to the supporters who caught him. What does Zaniolo do? He is about to go down the stairs, he looks towards the stands. They call him and he turns around. Choruses of mockery are addressed to him, some even heavy and he replies with two rude gestures.

Zaniolo protagonist of the derby for better or for worse

It is on a foul committed by Hysaj on the Giallorossi player in the middle of the Lazio penalty area that the first controversies arise for the referee’s direction of the race: evident withholding, both carambolan on the ground but the game continues (the same Var does not intervene) and Sarri’s team doubles with Pedro. And it is always Zaniolo who procures the shot from the spot – also in this the referee’s choice appeared very questionable – by cleverly exploiting a contact with Akpa Akpro: he is about to kick when he stumbles into the opponent’s leg and drops himself as if he had got a shove.

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