Get alerts for new clips on Spotify

Spotify has a lot of tracks from different artists, and these tracks range from podcasts, music tracks, and some newscasts as well.

The app allows you to follow any artist or content creator you like, so you can access their content faster.

And you can have Spotify send you an alert letting you know that your favorite artist has released a new music track or a new podcast.

How to enable new clip alerts on Spotify

Spotify has been able to send you alerts since it came out, but that feature didn’t help anyone.

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The August 2021 update came to address this issue, as the application can now send you alerts of new clips and display these clips in a special section of the application interface.

Spotify shows you all the new clips in its own section called What’s New, which arranges these clips by date and genre.

So you can access music tracks separately from podcasts and newscasts.

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You can activate alerts for this section by following these steps:

Click the gear icon at the top of the application, and then choose Alerts from its section.

Then choose alerts for new clips, and activate sending alerts through the application.

The app can send alerts via email, but this choice is not practical enough.

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You can repeat the same steps for podcasts, but you need to turn on alerts for each creator you follow individually, unlike music.

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Integrate the application with Windows 11 and Facebook

Spotify is working hard to integrate its app into different operating systems and different users’ lives.

This was evident from Windows 11’s complete dependence on it, as it became the default music service for Windows 11 computers.

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The company also entered into a cooperation with Facebook, and this cooperation aims to display the music clips that appear on Facebook within the Spotify application for Android phones and iPhone.

So when you listen to a music track on Facebook, you get an alert from Spotify that sends you to that track’s page within the app.

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