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MONEY EARNED: Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes is deputy leader of the Socialist Left Party and has been elected from Troms.

SV deputy leader Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes has for the past six years earned over 20,000 kroner a month in rental income from two homes in the cities he commuted to – and from. At the same time, he has received free commuter housing from the Storting.


Aftenposten could on Thursday tell that Fylkesnes owns and rents an apartment in the Old Town in Oslo, at the same time as he gets free commuter housing from the Storting.

He tells the newspaper that he has 16,000 kroner in rental income a month from the home in Oslo.

Now it turns out that he has also rented out parts of his home in Tromsø, which he bought in 2015, and has commuted from the side.

– We have rented out one, and rarely two rooms in the apartment, mainly to friends who have needed a place to live since we bought it in 2015. The apartment has never been rented out in its entirety, Fylkenes writes in an e -mail.

VG has requested an oral interview, but Fylkenes will only respond in writing in an e-mail via its adviser.

May have earned a million

The counties state that he has earned between 5,000 and 6,000 kroner a month on renting out the rooms on average these years.

He says that they do not have their own rental unit, but that there is room in a four-room apartment in Tromsø.

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VG estimates that this could mean income of between 315,000 and 378,000 kroner in rental income since 2015 from renting in Tromsø, and approx. NOK 1 million from the Oslo rental, plus any increase in the value of the properties he has invested in (see calculation in the fact box).

The counties dispute the calculation, because he says it does not take into account the expenses he has had on the apartments, but does not want to comment on how much earnings he has had as a result of renting out the two homes.

“Beyond that, I do not want to go further into my personal finances.”, He writes via his adviser in the e-mail.

CRITICAL AGAINST HOUSING SPECULATION: Torgeir Knag Fylkenes has been a strong critic of housing speculation. He said last week that their fun is over.

Towards housing speculators

Last week, Fylkesnes went hard against housing speculators, when he in one election debate under the auspices of the magazine iTromsø made the following statement:

– It is the end of the fun for those who speculate in housing, said the Storting politician.

– You have taken a hard line against housing speculators as recently as last week. Can you understand that someone thinks that you appear as a housing speculator yourself?

– I myself have been central in developing SV’s housing policy and am 100% behind it. My financial situation has never affected my political position, Fylkenes writes in a joint answer to several questions.

He answers the same question when he thinks someone may think it is contrary to SV’s values.

The counties say that the Storting has emphatically stated that they have complied with the rules for being granted commuter housing, and that the family commutes between Oslo and Tromsø.

– We have expenses for housing in Tromsø and the apartment in Oslo has been rented out at well below market price in Oslo, since before I became a parliamentary representative, Fylkenes writes.

DEPUTY LEADER: Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes was elected deputy leader of SV during the national meeting in 2019. Here with party leader Audun Lysbakken.

Not stated

SV voted for a tightening of the commuter housing regulations in 2019, which would mean that you would not get free commuter housing if you already owned a home closer than 40 kilometers from the Storting.

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You would also not get free housing if you owned two homes before.

The counties have informed Aftenposten that he was not in the hall, but that he supported the proposal which according to him would mean that he had to sell the apartment in Oslo.

He has not stated the rental in Tromsø to the Storting.

– Conditions regarding the rental of parts of primary housing is not something the Storting demands, but since questions are asked about this, I will address the issue with the Storting’s administration, Fylkenes writes via its adviser.

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