Get free Soccer Power Hero for Xbox and PC

Get free Soccer Power Hero to Xbox and PC. Another week, through the new offers with Gold and Featured, we have discovered that a new game has gone from being paid to being completely free thanks to a 100% discount. This time we are talking about Soccer Power Hero, a great sports classic developed and published by DiyaaGames.

Soccer Power Hero is an ideal soccer video game to be enjoyed with friends at any meeting or party. With a very simple interface (just jumping and kicking) this game will be relatively easy for both kids and hardcore gamers. Soccer Power Hero is not AAA game, but it is a very fun title under the hand of the American indie studio that is taking advantage of this great opportunity to attract new players who will be able to acquire and enjoy this classic sports game in Xbox One and PC totally free. Also, Soccer Power Hero can be played by 1-4 players and has smart AI to practice in single player mode.

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Get free Soccer Power Hero for Xbox and PC

The Creators Collection, fruit of the contribution of numerous developers, offers you exciting and diverse games to enjoy, as in this case Soccer Power Hero, a fun soccer game that will take us back several years thanks to its classic style. As indicated by the Microsoft Store, this title will be available for free until October 22, 2020. Finally, we add that this game has an approximate download size of 217 MB.

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Get free Soccer Power Hero for Xbox and PCGet free Soccer Power Hero for Xbox and PC

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