Get in shape with these electric bikes from AliExpress on sale

Going by car to work is very comfortable. Even if it rains you don’t get cold, you don’t depend on schedules and you have greater freedom of movement. But it is more expensive than public transport and you have to look for parking.

On the other hand, go public transportation to work is cheaper and you don’t need to look for parking. Neverthelessyou depend on fixed schedules and taxes, it is more uncomfortable than the car and it takes longer.

The solution: an electric bike. You do not need to be subject to tax schedules, it will not take hours to go to the office, you will not have to pay taxes or the fuel you would need when driving and, above all, you do not need to look for parking.

An electric bike can be a very good solution to problems the ones you face almost every morning you go to work. Now you can get your own electric bike for up to 62% less of its original price. Let’s take a look at these 3 models that we have found on sale today in AliExpress:

Electric Mountain Bike: Accolmile

Thanks to your Bafang motor up to 750 W and a 17.5 Ah battery you will be able to travel up to 90 kilometers before you have to go back to recharge the batteryfor which it takes a few 6-7 hours. This is more than enough distance to go to and from work every morning and to be able to leave the battery charging overnight at home or during the workday in the office.

It has hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and has a cassette of 9 speeds so you can adjust the hardness based on the conditions of the moment.

supports a Max load 150kgso you will have enough to even carry some weight on it.

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Folding Electric Bike: Ridstar Winner

With dimensions of 178cm long, 24cm wide y 105 cm tallthis little girl can take you wherever you want, as long as it is less than 90 kilometers away, which is its maximum autonomy.

Constructed from aluminum and finished in dark and light gray matte colors, you’ll be able to achieve top speeds of about 45 km/h. A more than considerable speed taking into account that in the event of a fall or impact your body is the one that will bear the blow, therefore It is important that you always wear a helmet and other protective equipment.

Electric Mountain Bike

R3 Electric Bike: Avaka

They are 36 V motor can generate electrical power up to 1000 Wthis added to the 16 V 12.5 Ah battery is capable of producing a torque up to 40 N m. More than considerable torque for a vehicle as light and compact as this one.

It should be noted that its construction in light aluminum alloy allows it to face climbs with a maximum slope of up to 25ºwhich is a merit considering that it is capable of withstanding maximum loads up to 120 kg in addition to its weight of 25.4 kg.

Electric Mountain Bike

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