“Get to know Poles”. A Russian journalist hits Ukrainians and talks about Poland

American journalist Julia Davis posted on social media a fragment of an interview that appeared on Russian television.

In it, the political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko argued that Ukraine was an “eschatological threat” to the existence of Russia. As he stated, Ukrainians “reject everything Russian”. “I believe that every effort should be made to ensure that not even a memory of it remains,” he said.


The political scientist also assessed that any agreement with Kiev was impossible. “You can get along with Poles, Hungarians, Americans, Mexicans, and even penguins from Antarctica, but not with Ukrainians,” he said.

The host of the program, in turn, argued that if Ukrainians “disappeared”, everyone would benefit from it, as he emphasized “even Poles”, and the entire region would be safer.

Media: Ukraine has prepared an operation to seize Crimea

By the end of next year Ukraine will want to retake Crimea – reports The Economist. The British weekly quoted the words of the former commander of the Ukrainian airborne forces, General Mykhailo Zabrodsky, who said that “the operation to return Crimea is not only possible, but has been planned for 2023”.

“If we had published our plans in the media and television, we would have achieved nothing,” the Ukrainian general added, without giving more details.

The Economist estimates that Ukraine’s attempt to regain Crimea would be “bloody and difficult” and that Western support is “difficult to rely on”.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – day 278

By attacking Ukraine, Putin triggered the biggest armed conflict in Europe since the end of World War II and brought unprecedented Western sanctions on Russia.

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Moscow does not call its actions against Ukraine a war, but a war “special military operation” conducted to protect the Russian-speaking population from the “neo-Nazi government” in Kiev.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 with an attack from three directions – from the north (from the territory of Belarus), the east and the south. In recent weeks, Russia has focused on rocket fire and the destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

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