Get to know Toyota Safety Sense, Sophisticated Features That Make Avanza Class Up


Rumors about the presence of the latest generation of Toyota Avanza are increasingly widespread. Reportedly, the latest generation Toyota Avanza will be equipped with advanced features packaged in the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) package. What is TSS?

Quoted from Toyota’s official website, Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) is designed to help protect drivers and passengers. Through TSS, Toyota tries to reduce potential driving hazards for both the driver and passengers.

In Indonesia, Toyota has introduced this TSS system in the Toyota Raize. The TSS system on the Toyota Raize includes Pre-Collision System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control, Rear Cross Traffic Alert & Blind Spot Monitor features, and Pedal Missoperation Control.

The TSS feature is equipped with camera technology and laser sensors. The TSS system is designed to reduce hazards while driving. What are the advantages of Toyota Safety Sense that will be embedded in the latest generation of Toyota Avanza later?

1. Give early warning to avoid accidents

The TSS system with the Pre-Collision System feature will give a warning to the driver so that an accident does not occur. The warnings given by the TSS system can be in the form of instructions on the instrument panel screen, or sounds so that the driver is aware of the danger.

Warnings that work through these sensors don’t just happen at one dangerous moment. But TSS makes for plenty of moments from dangerous cars coming in the opposite direction to pedestrians crossing. With this warning, it is hoped that the driver can be more alert and reduce the occurrence of accidents due to negligence.

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2. Keep the car on track

In addition to the Pre-Collision System, the TSS system also has a Lane Departure Alert. This feature scans the road marking line. Through the laser sensor, the driver will be given a warning if he accidentally gets out of his way.

This feature will keep the car on track. If you want to change lanes, the driver must first turn on the turn signal.

3. Don’t Make Other Riders Glare at Night

In the TSS package there is an Automatic High-beam feature. This feature will work at night. If the laser sensor reads that in front of the low light, the system will change the lighting from low beam (near lights) to high beam (far lights). That way, the driver’s visibility is maintained and anticipates the presence of cars from the opposite direction.

The Automatic High-beam feature not only reads the light level in front but also scans vehicles from the opposite direction. If there is a car from the opposite direction and the car is using a high-beam, it must be dangerous for other cars because it will dazzle drivers from the opposite direction.

To prevent accidents due to light glare, the sensor on the TSS will automatically switch to low beam. As a result, other cars can still drive more safely without worrying about glare from the light of a car that uses the TSS feature.

4. Can Read Traffic Signs

The TSS system is fully working with laser sensors. This feature can also read traffic signs.

With the Road Sign Assist feature, the laser sensor will display certain traffic signs on the MID screen on the instrument panel. If the driver does not see, this feature alerts you of any restrictions or speed limits on the road. It is hoped that this feature can make drivers more obedient to traffic signs during the trip.

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5. You can gasp yourself

Toyota Safety Sense also features Adaptive Cruise Control. Unlike ordinary cruise control which only determines a certain speed, Adaptive Cruise Control will follow and maintain a distance from the vehicle in front without having to step on the gas or brake pedal. This feature will keep the distance from the car in front of it.

6. Warning If There Are Invisible Objects

In the TSS package there is a Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature. This feature is to detect a vehicle approaching behind when the car is backing out of the parking area. Plus there is a Blind Spot Monitor that identifies every object in the car’s blind spot area using radar.

7. Avoiding the Wrong Pedal

There is also a Pedal Misoperation Control feature. This system is to prevent a front collision when parking when the driver wrongly steps on the gas pedal that should have applied the brake.

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