Getting to know Vanuatu who is often critical of RI about Papua

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Vanuatu often criticizes Indonesia about Papua. The country belongs to the family Pacific which does not have many inhabitants.

Until 2020 this is based on the report Worldbank, the population in this country is only 307,150 inhabitants. That number is not even more than the population of Jayapura City, whose population reaches 314,000 by 2020 based on records from PopulationStats.

Not only is the population small, the territory of Vanuatu is also quite small. Vanuatu has a land area the size of Maluku Island, which is 12 square kilometers.

Despite being a small country, Vanuatu continues to criticize Indonesia by expressing its support for Papuan independence.

At this year’s UN meeting, Vanuatu once again criticized Indonesia.

“Human rights violations are widespread throughout the world, the people of West Papua continue to suffer human rights violations,” Vanuatu Prime Minister Bob Loughman Weibur said in a speech at the United Nations Assembly on Sunday (26/9/2021), quoted by CNBC.

Of course, this is not the first time Vanuatu has ‘flicked’ RI regarding Papua. This country almost always mentions the issue of human rights violations in Papua in the UN general assembly every year.

The criticism was then responded to by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia represented by the young doplomat of the Republic of Indonesia, Sindy Nur Fitri.

“Vanuatu is trying to impress the world with its so-called concern for human rights issues,” said Sindy when she read her statement and uploaded it to MoFa’s YouTube account, Sunday (26/9).

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In fact, he said, the human rights that Vanuatu continues to promote regarding Papua are twisted. Vanuatu seems to have turned a blind eye to acts of terror carried out by armed criminal groups (KKB) in Papua which clearly violate human rights.

“Vanuatu deliberately turned a blind eye when this armed separatist criminal group killed nurses, health workers, teachers, construction workers and law enforcement officers,” he said.

What is the background behind Vanuatu supporting Papuan independence, read on the next page…

What motivated Vanuatu to support Papuan independence?



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