GGD asks parents of 9-year-olds for their opinion about HPV vaccination |

Monday September 27, 2021

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PRAYER HOUSES – GGD Flevoland wants to know from the parents of 9-year-old girls and boys what they think about the HPV vaccination. The ‘cervical cancer vaccine’ is now offered to girls aged 12 and 13, but from next year also to boys. The age is also reduced, to 10 years.

The HPV shot is part of the National Immunization Programme. It prevents the human papilloma virus from causing various types of cancer. In addition to cervical cancer, it also concerns vaginal and penile cancer, oral cancer, throat cancer and anus cancer.

Right information

The GGD is now inviting 2500 Flevoland parents with a son or daughter born in 2012 to participate in a voluntary survey. That should show what questions parents have about HPV vaccinations. “It is very valuable for us that parents participate, even if they have doubts about the HPV vaccination,” says Christel Bleijenburg, pediatrician at GGD Flevoland and researcher. “It’s about giving parents the right information to make better decisions about HPV vaccinations for their child.”


There have been persistent misunderstandings about the HPV vaccination since its introduction in 2008. For example, it was claimed that chronic fatigue and even infertility were side effects. RIVM reports that extensive research has shown that this is not true, and that the vaccine is safe.

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