There are three possible causes of the corona outbreak in a nursing home in Maassluis last June: contact between residents, employees who did not adhere to the 1.5 meter rule during breaks, and the ventilation system. Contact is seen as the most obvious cause, but the fact that ventilation played a role cannot be ruled out, GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond concluded after investigation.

Seventeen residents and eighteen employees of nursing home De Tweemaster arrived in June infected. Six residents died from the effects of the corona virus.

Research into the clusters shows that it is likely that several people were infected by a resident who had a cough and mild cold symptoms on 17 June. He was only found positive after three tests.

It also took into account a scenario where the outbreak was caused by the staff because they did not wear face masks during breaks and did not maintain sufficient distance. However, that cannot be confirmed or disproved after the investigation.

The fact that the ventilation system played a role is also not excluded. “The discovery of a very small amount of infectious material in the ventilation system is an indication that the virus was present in the living room and has settled,” said the researchers. “It is no longer possible to determine whether and to what extent the ventilation system played a role.”

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the ventilation in De Tweemaster. One today in de Volkskrant reported earlier that the study concluded that ventilation would have played an important role, but that was too premature, according to the GGD.


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