Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Review – Time for a Return?

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is a new, expanded version of Sucker Punch’s most recent game Ghost of Tsushima. This extended version contains a new storyline on the new Iki island. The PS5 version of the game (which we played) also includes new features, such as full DualSense support, 3D Audio and Japanese dubbing.

Back to Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut brings with it a completely new island as the biggest addition. Iki Island is where Jin Sakai’s new adventure takes place. For new players, the island unlocks after the first act of the main game, while players who have already completed the game and return only to Iki Island can get started with the expansion immediately.

The new storyline takes Jin to an island near Tsushima that is also under attack by the Mongols. Coincidentally, it is also the island that Jin has rather bad memories of. It is clear from all sides that Jin does not like being on the island and the inner battle he wages against the past is by far the coolest aspect of the story.

Big enemy The Eagle does not know how to leave a very memorable impression. The Eagle, as the great villain is called, works good as new evil, but appears too sporadically in the four-hour story to leave a lasting impression. Jin’s inner demons that link back to the previous story actually stay with you.

Not for beginners

Fortunately, the story on Iki Island is still very interesting in other ways. Just like in Jin Sakai’s earlier story, there are plenty of minor characters that brighten up the story and make you passionately unsheath your katana to chop up Mongolians. This time it just has to be done a little more tactically.

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On Iki Island, enemies are a bit smarter. It’s clear that Sucker Punch has taken some feedback to heart, as the enemy AI is now switching from sword stance to challenge Jin. In addition, the new enemies in the form of shamans are spicy, to say the least.

Shamans, for example, make enemies a lot more aggressive and respond better to your attacks. This makes the expansion quite spicy, especially during duels, because for many it will be a while since they took Jin’s katana in their hands. The extra challenge makes sure you think tactically about your playstyle and pull out the full arsenal of the Ghost of Tsushima to defeat enemies.

Painting-worthy environments

It is not only with the new enemies that Iki Island distinguishes itself from the rest of the game. As with the various biomes of Tsushima, Iki Island also has its very own feel due to its diversity in nature. Iki feels even more colorful thanks to an array of trees, waters and mountains that tempt you to fire up Photo Mode again and again.

Every time you gallop through the flower fields, it’s like looking at a living painting. This is partly due to the graphic splendor that is made possible by the PlayStation 5. The Director’s Cut brings a 4K resolution on the next-gen console from Sony.

Furthermore, the loading times have been shortened even further. Where these were already short on PS5 when only the PS4 version was still available, the difference with the Director’s Cut is still significant. The game is now loaded within three seconds, after which you can run the game like a charm if you choose the 60 fps frame rate.

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It must be said that the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is in a special way against the lamp. The way the price tag hangs on the game is quite special. You can get the game for PlayStation 5 for 79.99 euros.

It is therefore an absolute must for new players. After all, you get a game in which you can spend more than 70 hours if you want to do everything, while players who only want to experience the story are about 35 to 40 hours. The problem is only in the paid upgrade for those who got the game on the PS4 last year.

One of the best features of Ghost of Tsushima’s Directors Cut is behind an extra paywall of 10 euros. The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut costs 20 euros, after which you only get access to Iki Island and you keep the PS4 version of the game. If you then throw another ten euros over the bar, you will receive the PS5 version of the Director’s Cut.

It is the total price of 30 euros that is only a lot more difficult to justify. The total price tag for loyal fans who originally bought the game on July 17, 2020 comes to 90 euros and that is simply too much of a good thing. 30 euros extra for a maximum of 15 hours of extra content is simply not right in terms of proportion.

Secret weapon

What makes this especially unfortunate is that Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’s secret weapon can be found in a PS5 exclusive feature. It concerns the DualSense integration. For example, you can feel every sword stroke through the haptic feedback, while the rhythmic galloping of your four-legged friend always feels special.

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Add to this the fantastic effect of the adaptive triggers that add an extra dimension to bow and arrow shooting. It’s clear that Sucker Punch has put a lot of time and effort into the PS5 special features. The same can be said of the 3D Audio, because it also makes you feel even more like you are walking around on Iki. Every breeze of the wind flies around your ears.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Review – Worthy Return Trip

All in all, the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is the best way to experience Jin Sakai’s adventure. The already existing adventure looks and plays better than ever on the PlayStation 5 and the addition of Iki Island is more than welcome. This one gives you many extra reasons to enjoy Jin’s adventure even longer, even though the extra storyline is on the short side.

The DualSense in particular shines in this edition of the game because every aspect of the controller is optimally used. More than ever you feel like you are a samurai. It is therefore very disappointing that Sony has a lousy pricing model for its most loyal fans. They pay themselves scrupulously, while the smart players who watched the cat out of the tree for a year benefit to the maximum.

The pros and cons

  • Splendor on Iki Island
  • Jin’s past
  • DualSense Integration
  • Insane loading times
  • Challenging New Enemies
  • Short story
  • Loyal fans pay the most

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