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Ghostbusters Legacy by Jason Reitman is really our dispassionate weekend tip. Let’s go to the cinema to see this film …

The Ecto 1 – the iconic battered Ghostbusters car – is rumbling back. Mumbling and spitting a lot, before leaving. On board: new faces of nerdy kids, very losers. Yet awake, friendly and resolute. But also other, more well-known faces that return … And then, of course, ghosts, demons, evil forces and greedy sprites. They revive thanks to effective, hypnotic and impactful visual effects.

Unmissable! And not just for the nostalgia effect. The ghostbusters and the legendary Ecto 1 are back. Ghostbusters Legacy is our recommended film of the weekend. Read and see why

After the disappointing “female” chapter directed by Paul Feig in 2016 (title Ghostbusters), the “real” Ghostbusters are back in action. This time the adventure is really fun, heartfelt and exciting.
Do not miss in the room Ghostbusters Legacy from Jason Reitman! #SoloInSala

What Story Tells Ghostbusters Legacy: Plot and Characters

USA, today. Dr. Egon Spangler (the late Harold Ramis) has long since disappeared, losing all trace of himself. Upon confirmed death of the scientist, his daughter Callie (Carrie Coon) inherits a remote and dilapidated house. As well as a plot of land in the desolate Oklahoma countryside.
The children of Callie, Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) and Travor (Finn Wolfhard from Strangers Things), between the cellar and the garage, they will find the work tools of the former ghostbuster. And at the same time they will be threatened by evil presences.
Will they be able to emulate the epic deeds of their grandfather and save the world from Evil?

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ghostbusters legacy

Ghostbusters Legacy: the review

Ghostbusters Legacy it’s the movie to watch on the weekend because it’s a fun homage to the original. But also a fresh, bizarre and unpredictable adventure. It’s comical, quirky, just a little scary (suitable for the whole family, although not for unaccompanied minors under 12).

Not just nostalgia operation

Operation nostalgia? In part, but fortunately not only. If the first twenty minutes raise the vague suspicion of a mere celebratory revival, the rest manages to surprise, surprise and excite. Thanks to remarkable narrative junctions, visual richness, funny references, the film grows exponentially from sequence to sequence.

The charm of the two original films

Ghostbusters Legacy literally dusts off all the charm of the two original chapters. The red and white icon-symbol of the little ghost harnessed in the sign of prohibition is more alive than ever.

An endless swirl of references and easter eggs

The film by Jason Reitman (son of Ivan, director of the original 80s) opened the Alice nella città section of the Rome Film Festival. Now it arrives in Italian cinemas for Sony / Warner Bros. Italy.
It was among the most powerful and rhythmic films seen this year at the Festa. It is a reboot, but also a true sequel to the historical saga. Almost every scene contains cross-references, easter eggs and various cinephile delights.

The return of the little man

The return of theomino Marshmallow Stay Puft, in lowercase and “multiple” version. A little “Honey I shrunk and multiplied Marshmallow Man.” A little Minions animated by the evil spirit of the Gremlins. Also very Looney Tunes …

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ghistbusters legacy

An unforgettable new entry: Paul Rudd

Among the new characters we point out the magnificent and bizarre Professor Grooberson, Paul Rudd. The sexiest man alive di People. Gooberson shows students in the high school summer class in which he “teaches” a series of videotapes of classic 1980s horror films. From Whose a The killer doll. Perfect (un) educational cinema.
Is it not perhaps also from the most horrifying and terrifying fairy tales that we have learned to distinguish Good from Evil, since childhood?

paul rudd ghostbusters legacy

Pual Rudd alla premiere in Ghostbusters Legacy. Getty’s photo

From father to son

The original title is Afterlife, literally “after life”. That is “Beyond”. The Italian title (in English) is Legacy, therefore “inheritance”. The talented Jason Reitman (Juno e Between the clouds) inherited the witness from his father Ivan. Dad had in fact shot the two original chapters. Ghostbusters (1984) e Ghostbusters II (1989, both with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.
Of course, that’s not the legacy the film is about. But symbolically it is a further amplification of the “progeny” effect. Indeed “proGeni”, given the intellectual abilities at stake.

jason reitman ivan reitman

Jason (44) is the director of Ghostbusters Legacy. Dad Ivan Reitman shot the first two original films, masterpieces of the demented-fantasy comedy of the 80s. Dad brought little Jason to the set… Photo Getty

Reitman Jr. manages to reinvent the characters and creatures of father Ivan and, at the same time, remains faithful to the “Ghosbusters spirit”. It seems that Ivan was still every day on the set of Legacy. Jason joked about it: “Imagine your father following you to work in your office. He sits behind you and gives you directions every single day! ».

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The spirit of Harold Ramis

If you are aficionados of the saga, as a reading to combine with the film, we recommend the biographical book Harold Ramis, my ghost catcher father by Violet Ramis Stiel (ed. Sagoma).
Ramis, as well as co-star, was, together with Ivan Reitman, the inventor of the original saga. In this film he appears thanks to digital effects. He is a ghost. In all senses. He will try to help the grandchildren in the enterprise. The scene with his character Egon Spangler will move true fans. Don’t go out before the last frame of the credits. The Legacy continues.

ghostbusters legacy

In the words of Ray Parker Jr., in the catchphrase that arrives at the end: “If there’s something strange / In your neighborhood / Who you gonna call?…”.
Of course the answer is: the Ghostbusters!


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