Gian Marco cried in the middle of a concert due to a rain of criticism: “They talk about me, but time heals everything” Instarándula farándula | SHOWS

CRIES BEFORE HIS FANS. In full concert, Gian Marco Zignago He could not resist and his audience was broken before all because of the criticism it has been receiving at this time. The national singer-songwriter burst into tears and assured that all this time it has not been easy, because as is known he separated from his still wife Claudia Moro.

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“It is very difficult, it has not been easy. People only live a part of me, others talk about me too ”, said the Peruvian artist in what would have been his concert in Huancayo, in Peru. The popular Samuel Suárez was the one who published these videos showing the singer’s nostalgia.

Before the cries of support from his audience, Gian Marco stressed that he does not bow to positions and that is how they see him.

Gian Marco breaks during concert in Huancayo

“It is very fucked up to be standing here, it is very difficult to do it. I don’t have a position or strike a pose, I am what I am. Whoever loves me, who loves me and whoever doesn’t, nothing happens, that’s it “, he said, generating the uproar in full concert.

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Along these lines, the singer highlighted his entire musical career, which they cannot blame for the success he has had. “But nobody takes 31 years of music from me in my country, nobody, nobody, nobody. Time heals everything, time speaks for itself “, he specified.


Gian Marco confirmed that he has been separated for a little over a year and a half from his wife Claudia Moro, mother of her three children. This was said weeks ago during an interview with the podcast They give away doubts, which was also broadcast by Instarándula.

“A few days ago we were talking at a family gathering, because as Claudia and I are not together more than a year and a halfThe five of us sat down so that each one could expose what they think and what they feel about things that are happening and the changes that are occurring ”, said the singer.


Gian Marco He celebrated on his Instagram account the concert he performed in the city of Huancayo before a large number of people. His next stop will be Cusco, he noted.

And so, a magical night in my dear Huancayo. Thank you for each song sung, for your dedication, for so much love. Next stop: Cusco. Acoustic Quartet Tour ”, wrote



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