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The news of the separation of Gian Marco with his wife Claudia MoroAfter 25 years of relationship, he shook social networks regretting that they ended, but congratulating that they have a good relationship for their children.

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Laura Borlini said she was moved by the news “because he has spoken of her in several songs, that she was the love of his life, that he loved waking up with her, and the truth that moves me “, he pointed.

Then he added: “It is worth rescuing that a couple, after 25 years, can go out as he has done now in good vibes … Because when a known couple ends, we almost always find out about scandals”added.

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Gian Marco Zignago and Claudia Moro They met when they were young and married in 1994. As a result of that love, they had three children.s: Nicole, Fabián and Abril Zignago Moro. And it is the first-born who follows in the footsteps of the singer-songwriter.

During their years of marriage, Claudia was characterized by being a simple, discreet woman, dedicated to her home and away from scandals and covers.


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