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Gian Marco Zignagothen giving details of the concert that he will offer on July 16, for his 30 years, at the National Stadium, he spoke with Trome about his sentimental situation and said that if it was of any use to couples who go through difficult situations, it is that they feel to talk for the welfare of their children.

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“I don’t consider myself a figure of the show, I consider myself more part of the music, but sometimes it never ceases to amaze me when I hear or read things, that I say ‘okay, I’ll take them on’, without ceasing to amaze me,” he said.

Like when it was said that you had an affair with Isabel Lascuraín (Pandora)…

Oh, the romance with Isabel was very funny, that came from a note in Mexico and we laughed a lot, Isabel is my sister and my friend, I adore her.

I saw you on the program ‘On everyone’s lips’ and I was left with the phrase you said: ‘I am grateful for everything I have experienced’. In your opinion, after a separation, with the cases that are seen in the show business of infidelities, is the healthiest thing to do is to stay as friends?

I think it is living in serenity. People found out about this after two years, but I can’t stop people from talking. What I can tell you is that the only thing I feel is gratitude for the life I have, for the children I have and, if it serves as an example for couples who are not having a good time, there is nothing more beautiful than sitting down to talk, especially after 27 years, with three beautiful children. We have a family, we are not a couple, but we are family and that is love, and that is what is worth it, it is good to talk because finally we are a map for the children.

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Gian Marco confirmed that he is separated a little over a year and a half ago from his wife Claudia Moromother of her three children, during an interview with the podcast Doubts are given awaywhich was released by instarandulaby Samuel Suarez. The Peruvian singer gave details of the end of one of the strongest couples in the middle.

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“A few days ago, we were talking at a family gathering, because since Claudia and I are not together for more than a year and a halfthe five of us sat down so that each one could present what he thinks and what he feels about things that are happening and about the changes that are taking place”, said the singer, based in the United States.

Gian Marco He maintained that while he was listening to his children, he told Claudia Moro that he was grateful to God for everything he had given him.


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