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Updated on 05/08/2022 04:19 pm

The singer Gian Marco Zignago He appeared in the recent edition of the program “El reventonazo de la Chola” and referred to the mother of his children, Claudia Moro.

In a conversation with the character of Ernesto Pimentel, the interpreter of “A love song” said he was grateful to his ex-wife for the family he gave him.

“I still have a family despite not being married and I have built a wonderful family with three wonderful children with Claudia, to whom I owe many things”he expressed.

“One can stop being a couple, but one cannot stop being a family”, added the 51-year-old singer-songwriter.

Gian Marco and Claudia Moro were married for more than 25 years, but last year the singer revealed that they separated.

Gian Marco talked about his daughter Nicole and her partner in an interview with La Chola Chabuca

The musician has been appearing in different television spaces to promote his long-awaited concert at the National Stadium, which will take place on July 16.


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