Gian84 “I’m not bullying… I’m living in the glory of wealth”

(Photo=MBC ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast screen)

[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] “I am not bullying.”

Webtoon writer Gian84 explained the bullying controversy in ‘I live alone’.

Gian 84 said, “I’m not bullying, I’m living well,” and “I’m living a good life enjoying the movies of wealth and fame.” Then, “I hope our ‘I Live Alone’ goes well in the future,” and “Shall we write something like a book of blood?”

Then, Park Na-rae said, “Let’s make a decision to do Won-won under the peach tree,” and Gian 84 said, “Then you will die at one hour in one day,” causing laughter.

Gian 84 was also cautious about Hyun Moo. Gian84 said, “The question I still have is that Hyun Moo-hyung, whom I know, is a really good person.

Meanwhile, rumors of bullying in Gian 84 surfaced during the last shower trip of ‘I Live Alone’, which aired last month. Gian 84 planned a rainbow member Jeongmo to commemorate the completion of the webtoon ‘King of Reincarnation’, which has been serialized for 10 years, but all members except Jeon Hyun-moo did not participate, causing controversy.

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