Gianis Varoufakis as top candidate in Germany


Nevertheless, the 58-year-old has not lost his self-confidence. "We are the first serious, transnational, progressive movement," says Varoufakis. He believes that he has a feeling for the problems of the people in Germany "just as many of my German colleagues have the problems in Greece without living in Greece". One of the problems is the housing shortage in big cities.

Housing policy is also on its almost one-hour tour of the district in the south of Berlin. Varoufakis says he is often in the German capital. How many times exactly, he does not want to reveal that.

Several elderly people want to take a photo with Varoufakis. He relaxes and seems to enjoy these moments of attention. In the morning he already participated in a conference with politicians and artists in Berlin – only a few hundred meters away from the Bundestag.


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