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Georg Wieselthaler / The New England Journal of Medicine © 2018

A patient with heart failure reported coughing up a huge blood clot that somehow retained the shape of the blocked lung passages. The Atlantic Haley Weiss reports that "Doctors are not sure how it came out of a patient"

In the case of Wieselthaler, the blood eventually burst from his patient's lung network in the lower right lung, heading directly to the bronchial tree. After days of coughing much smaller clots, Wieselthaler's patient leaned on a longer, deeper cough and, relieved, spat a large, oddly shaped lump, folded over itself. Once Wieselthaler and his team carefully spread the beam and spread it, they found that the airway architecture had been kept so perfectly that it was able to identify it as the right bronchial tree. based solely on the number of branches and their alignment.

He died a few days later. I tried. Sorry.

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