Gibran, 14-year-old boy found safe after being lost on Mount Guntur, chronology to confession

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Muhammad Gibran Arrasyid, a climber Thunder Mountain in the district Garut, West Java found safe after missing for six days.

The 14-year-old boy was declared missing on Sunday (19/9/2021) and found on Friday (9/24/2021) afternoon.

Residents of Citangtu Village RT002 RW007, Citangtu Village, Pangatikan District, Regency Garut it then recounts his experience while he was gone.

Here are the facts related to its discovery Gibran:

1. Chronology Gibran Found

Quoted from TribunJabar, Gibran was found on Friday (24/9/2021).

“Yes, it was found, in a safe condition,” said Head of the Regional Search and Rescue Potential Coordination Forum (FKP3D), Agus Nurjaman.

Search for Muhammad Gibran Arrasyd (12), a climber from Pangatikan District who was declared missing on Mount Guntur, Garut Regency. (special)

Gibran was found by a joint SAR team on Friday afternoon in the Curug Koneng area Thunder Mountain.

The Gibran disbursement process involved more than a hundred people, assisted by Company 4 of the Pioneer Battalion A, Sat Brimob, West Java Police and Dalmas, Garut Police.

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Bripda M Septian Efintiar a member of the Samapta Polres Garut tell the moments Gibran found.

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