Gibran Rejected a Car with Teguh When to Semarang

Solo, CNN Indonesia —

Will Candidate Mayor of Solo from PDIP, Gibran Rakabuming Raka had refused to go in the car with his partner, Teguh Prakosa. But finally they left in a car using Gibran’s White Pajero Sport.

PDIP Regional Leadership Council (DPD) invited candidate pair Gibran Rakabuming Raka – Teguh Prakosa to attend the official announcement of the Solo City Election recommendation from the PDIP Central Leadership Council (DPP) virtually at the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) Office of Central Java PDIP, Panti Marhaen, Friday (7/17).

The group consisted of Gibran, Teguh who also doubles as DPC Secretary, Chairperson of DPC YF Sukasno’s Organization, and Chairperson of DPC Election Winning Agency (BAPPILU) Putut Gunawan.

“I’ll just be behind later, Mr. Teguh, so I can accompany Mr. Putut in the front with Mr. Kasno,” Gibran said when asked whether one car would depart.

Shortly before entering the car, the group spoke briefly at the office door. It was unclear what was said, but finally Gibran and Teguh entered the same car.

They both left the PDIP Solo Branch Office (DPC) Office using Gibran’s 777 VA Pajero Sport Car at 10:55 WIB.

“We depart together from here. I, Mas Gibran, treasurer, and the Chairperson of the Election Winning Sector,” Teguh said before leaving.

On site monitoring, Teguh arrived early at 10.15 WIB. About 20 minutes later, Gibran arrived with his white Pajero Sport. The group then briefly coordinated for about five minutes in private.

The Chairperson of the PDIP Solo DPC, FX Hadi Rudyatmo himself did not appear at all with the group. According to Teguh, Rudy departed alone from the City Hall because there was still an assignment as Mayor of Solo.

“Reportedly he wants to leave at 11. If DPC Treasurer, Mr. Joni Sofyan Erwandi said he wants to go directly from Jakarta,” he said.

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