GIGABYTE announced that its AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD fully complies with the PS5 upgrade specification, and both performance and thickness pass the test #M.2 (164841)

Although the current M.2 SSD expansion plan for PlayStation 5 only allows players in specific areas to apply for the test plan for trial use, and PS5 game consoles are still in short supply, many SSD brands have already announced their compatible products, Gigabyte. Announced that its AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD can meet Sony’s official requirements in terms of performance and heat sink design, and is perfectly compatible with PS5 upgrade and expansion requirements.

▲GIGABYTE emphasizes that both the performance and the thickness of the heat sink are in line with SIE’s PS5 official specifications

At present, SIE requires a read performance of more than 5,500MB/s in the M.2 storage specification. At the same time, it is also mandatory to use a heat sink to ensure stable operation. However, many pre-loaded heat sink SSDs on the market that meet the performance specifications are too thick. Problem; Gigabyte announced that the AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD achieves a read performance of more than 7,000MB/s in terms of performance. At the same time, it uses a large carbon nano-coated aluminum heat sink and a double-sided heat sink for double-sided particles. The engineer confirms that it can meet the installation specifications.

At the same time, in order to further enhance compatibility, GIGABYTE also provides a firmware update for players who intend to use the AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD on the PS5 to achieve the optimal effect through the firmware upgrade. Official firmware update:Gigabyte


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