Gino Biancalana proposed to his pregnant girlfriend (video)

Although Gino Biancalana left Big Brother as the winner, not once but twice, the beloved reality star proved that popularity is not among his top priorities. Unlike most people who somehow managed to get fame, however short-lived, who do everything in their power to hold on to it, pushing themselves insistently in front of every lens in their sight, he prefers countries of them, living undisturbed, outside the perimeter of media attention.

In itself, his decision to leave Bulgaria again, returning to America, to whose eyes he is a complete stranger, testifies to the fact that there are much more important things for him than the insidious fame that can leave just as suddenly , as far as she has come…

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Moreover, skillfully avoiding the radar of the native press, for the last almost a year he left his social network profiles empty, reducing his activity in them to zero, in order to devote himself to the real world, leaving its virtual version entirely. But recently, Biancalana decided to shake off the dust accumulated on his profiles on the Internet to make his followers on various platforms empathize with the boundless happiness that he feels today.

He recently published a video revealing the happy news that his beloved, who until recently also retired from the network, is expecting their first child. In the footage, the two stand in front of their house, located somewhere in the quiet suburbs of Chicago, staring at a luxury car, waiting for it to drive in their direction, down the street. When the vehicle does so a few seconds later, clouds of pink smoke appear from beneath it, announcing the baby’s gender in an attractive way.

Overwhelmed by their strong emotions, the lovers turn to each other for a strong embrace, and moments later are joined by excited friends. But the surprise doesn’t end there, because while his partner is still trying to recover from his excitement, Gino drops to one knee in front of her, asking her the most important question a man can ask a woman while holds a velvet box with a ring in his hand.

After she crouches down next to him to give him a passionate kiss, her answer becomes clear, however he captioned his post: “It’s a girl and she said YES.

What’s the point of a man doing anything in his life if he doesn’t have a woman by his side to tell him, “Well done, you’re awesome!“, Biancalana also writes.

Gino and Christiana, who is a doctor, met a few years ago at the hospital where he was going for check-ups for problems with his leg that arose after his bad motorcycle accident. The sparks between them flew instantly, and it wasn’t long before they began their romance, which will apparently soon lead them to the marriage altar. Three years ago, they tattooed rings on each other’s ring fingers as a promise that one day they would officially marry each other, and it wasn’t long before pictures of them fooled the general public into thinking they had. Later, however, it turned out that it was not them who passed under the wreath, but their relatives.

Photo: Official Instagram account

In his past television interview, the former roommate in the most famous house in our country admitted that he and his partner had discussed the idea of ​​getting married more than once, but he was still thinking about how to make her the most romantic marriage proposal possible. Well, apparently he’s finally figured out how to do it. In the past, he has categorically stated that the ceremony binding their lives will be on a beach, “somewhere warm”, because that is what his beloved wants, but they foresee a celebration in a narrow circle – with only their closest relatives and friends.

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