Gio Simeone recounted his torment in River’s inferiors and how being the son of Cholo hurt him

Giovanni Simeone, second from the left, with his brothers and Diego Simeone (Instagram Giovanni Simeone)

Giovanni Simeone he enjoys his moment in Italy, the league where he found what so far is his best version as a footballer despite the fact that his goal is to succeed in Spain. He comes from scoring two goals in the triumph of Cagliari by 3 to 2 against Torino that placed him in the center of the scene of the protagonists, and in a review of his present he also recalled his formative stage in River in which he surprised with a confession: “Being the son of Cholo was difficult for me and that made me very lonely.”

Gio declared himself a fan of the UEFA Champions League, whose trophy was tattooed at age 13. In dialogue with the Spanish program The spar, He told the particular story by which that image was engraved on his skin. “Since I was a kid I watched the tournament and it reflected a lot on me in Europe. It happened to me that in the lower ranks they pointed me out for being Simeone’s son, They left me aside, it was quite complicated for me and that made me very lonely, ”he recalled.

Giovanni Simeone junto to Diego Cholo Simeone, about father (@simeonegiovanni).

The forward, who came to River with 13 years and at Núñez’s club he made his professional debut, adding: “In that circumstance I focused a lot on my goals and one was the Champions League. It drove me crazy, it was an obsession for me; I spent every day watching what games there were, who was playing, I was so fanatized that one day my mother gave me permission to get the tattoo and made me promise that the day I scored my first goal, I would kiss the drawing. “

Giovanni, the eldest of the five children of Cholo SimeoneHe detailed: “I had a very bad time at the inferiors. My colleagues believed that the economic difference made the difference between one person and another, and that’s why they left me aside, they didn’t include me in their talks, “he lamented.

Giovanni Simeone (middle) with his brothers Gianluca (left) and Giuliano (right), during his time as a River footballer (@simeonegiovanni).

In that sense, he recognized: “The truth is that that hurt me too much because I couldn’t understand it. I had the same desire, the same passion to get to First. I did not pay attention to the money they or I had because the only thing that interested me was to play ball. Over time I showed my way of being, my desire to play, to score goals and they accepted me as one more but at one point I had a pretty bad time ”.

On the importance of money in his life, he explained: “What interests me is to be a better footballer every time. Every time I get up I think I should do it earlier to train twice as much. Today the players do not watch football, I spend my time watching games … the players they talk about the cars they have and those things but football ends quickly. In the end, especially at that moment, we are all the same because we are people ”.

Giovanni Simeone, 25, landed in the Italian League in the 2016/17 season after passing through River and Banfield in Argentina. Since then he has played 150 games between Genoa, Fiorentina and his present in Cagliari, in which he scored 50 goals. So far this season, which has just started, he has accumulated three goals in four commitments, thus confirming his great present.

“Everything is going well for me because I work, because I always seek to improve, but I have to keep doing it,” he pointed out and declared himself an obsessive about lifelong learning: “I focus on goals such as improving aspects of the game, not so much scoring goals. I focus on the game and that makes everything that is happening to me come, which is to mark in my team, the call to the Selection and others ”, he highlighted.

Gio Simeone, one of the fixed names in the calls of Lionel Scaloni (@simeonegiovanni).

Growing up in Italy and succeeding in Spain

That is the purpose of Gio. “I always liked Spain. When I arrived in Italy, the first thing my old man told me was that I should stay one or two years because I was going to be more of a soccer player because technical and tactical skills are learned here, but it is today that he tells me that I am more of a player for the Spanish league. My heart goes out to Atlético but I also really like Sevilla ”, he acknowledged.

Like father…

The forward acknowledged that football is his obsession and that he spends a lot of time understanding the game. “I live watching a football game and it surprises me that many times I go to training sessions and ask my teammates if they saw such a game and they don’t know what I’m talking about. I believe that watching games is essential to learn. The passion of soccer is not just playing. There are many footballers who only play and are nothing more than that, they do not watch football, not even in the big leagues … I think that by watching you learn a lot, I watch a lot of football because if I don’t, I feel like I’m not improving.


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