Giovanni and Mike the merciless “Bachelorette”-duel

Who fights harder to Chanelle?

On Monday evening, it must decide Chanelle and one of the two season-winners elect. The finalists will duel in advance for 20 minutes.

  • Giovanni and Mike are in the “Bachelorette”Finale in 2020.
  • Before Chanelle decides on Monday evening for one of them to come in at 20 minutes the ultimate duel.
  • Who will win, we won’t divulge here, of course. Check the Video, then you learn it.

For whom Chanelles (24) beats of the heart higher? Or faster? Or both? For the hot-blooded Zurich Giovanni (25), or for the quiet, Winterthur, Mike (25)? The answer only knows the Bachelorette (and maybe a few media people, but let us a little the Reality TV myth be maintained, okay?) – but it is certain that There can be only one.

Before the Zug-based singer given away on Monday evening at 20.15 clock, and your last Rose, the two finalists in 20 minutes to a duel. The comparison from the distance last week, Giovanni was just ahead by a nose, Mike leads our readers – and readers-Voting with 54 to 46 percent (as of Sunday night).

Who is in the ultimate battle of the testosterone-lovebirds by, you see in the Video above!

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