Girl, 2 years old, "he screamed and cried as Dad raped her in a horrible eight-minute video he had uploaded to the dark web"


A LITTLE GIRL, who was only two years old, "screamed and cried" while her father raped her in a sick attack that filmed and loaded on the dark net.
James Lockhart, 30, of Bradenton, Florida, now faces the death penalty if he is found guilty.
The Manatee County Sheriff's Office James Lockhart was tracked via the KikHomeland Security messaging app, Lockhart said. "He posted a video of extreme sexual abuse of a female (who appears to be under 2 years old. ) from an adult male ".
It is reported that Lockhart released the eight-minute video in November 2017.
The criminal complaint that was filed in a federal court states that the video "documents the rape" and the victim "screamed and cried" during the ordeal.
It is also said that Lockhart has published on Web pages encrypted with the name StrangeWood that details his sexual experiences with a girl and a boy and asked for suggestions on things he could do in the future, according to the Miami Herald.
The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is facing numerous charges, according to the Manatee Sheriff's Office OfficeOfficials from Homeland Security managed to track Lockhart through the Kik instant messaging service on October 5th and broke into his home.
During the operation, images of child pornography on his computer were also reported, including at least ten images of young children.
Lockhart's wife "immediately and without hesitation" identified the child when the photos were shown on the video.
She also identified an adult hand in a photograph "belonging to her adult husband, James Lockhart" as well as the girl's stuffed animal toy and their couch.
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A further analysis of the video examined the recess left by her wedding ring and the hidden mole from the ring, and determined that it was the same hand.
The Lockhart calligraphy samples found at home were also compared to a handwritten mark seen in the video.
The girl accused of being attacked was taken into custody along with her twin brother.
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