News Girl stabbed to death, 16-year-old arrested… ”- The Daily...

Girl stabbed to death, 16-year-old arrested… ”- The Daily Standard

It is to be hoped that the heat wave will not last too long, because things have gone completely wrong in the Netherlands in recent days. Today again a man in Apeldoorn was stabbed on a robbery terrace and in Rotterdam a girl had to pay for her life by a mad 16-year-old boy.

At the beginning of the evening, things went very wrong in Apeldoorn. According to news photographer Luciano de Graaf many bystanders witnessed a very serious stabbing in the center of Apeldoorn. The victim is said to have fallen on Kerklaan in that city, after which he was helped by ambulance personnel. However, the injuries of the victim and the situation in Apeldoorn were so alarming that the victim had to be taken to hospital with police escort.

According to the police, the suspects of the stabbing in Apeldoorn are as yet not held. The police will continue with its investigation and tips from witnesses will remain welcome.

In Rotterdam it also turned out to be very hot tonight, there was one in the Rotterdam district of Spangen girl stabbed to death in cool blood. A 16-year-old female peer has been detained by the police.

Things have gotten enormously out of hand in recent days with regard to shootings and stabbings in the Netherlands. The innocent Bas van Wijk was recently murdered in a lake on an Amsterdam lake. Not for nothing #RighteousnessForBas Trending on social media for days. Not much later, so-called ‘drillrappers’ from Amsterdam and Rotterdam came together to play a game. That also ended with a fatal outcome.

In short: It is going very well in the Netherlands and apparently we can handle the heat very well. Sigh. Cough. Hoes. O-Nee-Corona. Shut up.

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