ACCEPT, – A girl in Afghanistan who reap praise for shooting dead two members Taliban recounts anger when her parents were killed, right before her eyes.

Teenager named Qamar Gul It killed two militiamen while attacking his home in a remote village located in Ghor Province last week.

“I am no longer afraid of them, and ready to fight them again,” said the 15-year-old from a government-sponsored relative’s house.

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In the circulating photo, Qamar Gul is seen holding an assault rifle IF 47, where the action reaps praise while calling for him to come out alive from Afghanistan.

In his interview with AFPGul said that it all started when the Taliban came to their house at midnight.

At that time, he was sleeping in his room with his 12-year-old sister, when he woke up because he heard someone break the door.

“My mother ran to stop them. But at that time, they had pushed in by breaking the door,” Gul explained.

“They dragged my father and mother out of the house, where they were killed by being shot several times,” Gul recalled.

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Reported by AFP on Thursday (07/23/2020), he revealed at first he was afraid, before then “anger changed to spread throughout his body”.

Armed with the teachings of using an AK-47 shotgun from his father, he then took the weapon and went out to attack the two killers of his parents.

At that time, his younger brother had just joined when one of the rebels, believed to be the leader, tried to return fire.

Gul told his brother to immediately pick up his rifle and shoot the leader, who then fled in a state of injury.

In the midst of the crossfire, a number of pro-government militias and villagers came to help them, and made the group ride helter-skelter.

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On Wednesday (7/22/2020), The New York Times reported the murder at Qamar Gul’s home was also triggered by family problems, with one of the attackers referred to as Gul’s husband.

Citing a number of sources such as Gul’s relatives, the assailant reportedly tried to force the teenager home, and disagree with his family.

Local officials explained Gul’s father, who was also a village head, was deliberately targeted and killed by the Taliban. Because, he supports the Afghan government.

The group is said to often target people who are considered to provide information both to the authorities and security forces.

The Taywara district, the area where Gul village is located, almost daily becomes the location of a crossfire between the Afghan military and the Taliban.

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“I am proud to have killed my father’s killer,” he said, saying he killed the two militia not only because he shot and killed his parents.

But he also understood that after carrying out the action, the rebels replaced targeting Qamar Gul with his younger brother.

Qamar Gul said that the only thing he regretted was that he could not say during his stay to his father and mother.

He tells that after killing the two rebels, he checked his parents. However, they are not breathing. “I can’t even say the last thing,” he regretted.

Once the story became viral, hundreds of people on social media called for Gul and his sister to be protected, with some suggesting that they be expelled from Afghanistan.

One of them is a women’s rights activist Fawzia Koofi on Facebook, who said the lives of the girl and her sister were threatened.

Munera Yousufzada, an official in the ministry of defense, said Gul’s “brave action” was a message from the women to the rebels.

“The Taliban should realize and understand that women today are different from when they were still in power,” Yousufzada explained.

Furthermore, a rebel spokesman admitted there had indeed been an operation taking place in the village where Gul lived. But denied their members were shot dead by him.

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