Girona wants to limit the number and type of pets in every home


The City of Girona will limit the number and type of pets that live in each house, based on the characteristics of each property in order to "ensure that they live in good condition". This is foreseen in the modification of the municipal ordinance of protection, control and possession of animals. The proposal also includes that two potentially dangerous dogs can not coexist in a single plan.

According to the deputy mayor of Girona, Eduard Berloso, this update of the ordinance will serve to guarantee "good conditions for the animal and that we can act when its wellness or health are put at risk". Measures are also included to avoid discomfort to residents of houses that have animals and penalize those who do not collect deposits with a serious crime.

In addition, they also want to raise a serious violation that the owners do not collect animal deposits or squeeze water on the public street. In fact, the text also includes a penalty for those who pass on their pets and do not carry a plastic bag or a bottle of water. The deputy mayor of Girona, Eduard Berloso, assured that these measures are made with the intention of "ensuring that those who take care of the animals, make it in good condition for the animal and that we can act when they are risk your wellbeing or your health ".

On the other hand, the modification of the ordinance will also include measures to avoid inconvenience to the inhabitants of houses that have animals. The owners have to make sure that their animals do not fold the common areas of the houses and do not bother the neighbors with their barking. In the event that these two requirements are not met, a coercive fine will be imposed.

Berloso stressed that these measures have been studied for "months" and aim to "maintain a good cohabitation in the city between animal owners and those who are not".

In any case, the order also includes the possibility of reducing the amount when the offender recognizes his responsibility and makes the payment in advance. Conditions similar to those applicable to traffic violations. When a person receives the first minor penalty, he can also choose between paying the fine or participating in community work. Some of the tasks that could exempt citizens from the payment of sanctions are: environmental education actions, participation in mediation procedures or provision of civic services.

For the time being, this whole series of proposals has been presented to various groups of animal artists so that they evaluate the government's initiatives and can give their contribution by November 30th. Subsequently the technicians will evaluate if the improvements can be added to the modification of the decree or not. The proposal will not reach the entire municipality until January.


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