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GISMETEO.RU Top 3 new diesel crossovers mid – price segment Cars

Experts auto Speedme studied the new car market and published the top three most affordable models SUV-class with diesel fuel at a weighted average price to 2 million rubles.

The first line is taken by the German car manufacturer BMW X1.


The crossover has four-wheel drive and a diesel engine 2 liter with 150 HP, fuel Consumption is relatively economical — only 4.8 liters in mixed cycle driving. As a transmission are 6-speed “mechanics” or 8-step “automatic”. The model X1 three main set — Advantage, Sport Line and Advantage Plus. To date, the crossover can be bought from 1 920 000.

In second place is also “German” — Volkswagen Tiguan.


In this model, the same diesel engine capacity of 2 liters with a power of 150 forces. As for transmission, installed a robotic 6-speed DSG. Tiguan equipped with all-wheel drive and a special mode for driving off-road. The crossover has a wide popularity in Russia thanks to its attractive price (1 920 000) and unsurpassed German quality.

Closes rating Korean crossover Hyundai Santa Fe.


This car boasts a powerful engine of 2.2 liters with 200 HP and 8-speed hydromechanical transmission. Like previous models, the car has all-wheel drive system. Special attention should be paid version Grand Santa Fe for the seven seats. The engine and transmission this vehicles similar to the five-seater crossover, but added a third row for two additional passengers. This crossover is from 1 990 000 rubles at official dealers.



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