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Japanese brand cars Toyota renowned throughout the world for their reliability and durability. For example, last year a pickup truck was discovered in the USA. Tacomawhose mileage was a fabulous 2.5 million kilometers, and the car continued to be operated by the owner.

Now, however, something seems to have gone wrong for the Japanese as the automaker has announced a recall company for electric cars. bZ4X. Its cause, according to the report Electrek with reference to a letter from the company, it became that a car while driving can literally be left without wheels.


The recall campaign has been announced Toyota at the end of June this year, because it turned out that electric cars have low-quality wheel bolts, due to which the car can lose wheels while driving. 2.7 thousand electric vehicles were subject to the recall. The company strongly advised owners to refrain from traveling by electric cars and urged them to be repaired as soon as possible.

However, Toyota did not stop there and offered new options for customers whose cars were part of the recall campaign. Owners of electric cars, in addition to a free replacement of a car during the repair of their own, are offered a bonus of $ 5,000, and they can also receive an extended warranty and free charging at stations EVgo until the end of 2024.

If the client is not satisfied with any of the proposed options, then the company will buy out the electric cars that fell under the recall for at least $42,000, but the final cost of the buyback will be determined by the immediate condition of the vehicle.

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