‘Give the health care providers, and young people are not a priority in icu beds in the second coronagolf’

Young people and health care providers need to have a second coronapiek ” the priority is to have a place to stay in the Intensive Care unit. That’s the opinion of a large majority of the Population (60 per cent), according to research from the What is the Netherlands more than 4,000 people.

The medical organisations have made to the script after the coronacrisis in the march of years. In the first are agreements drawn up that can be used in the case of the corona virus in all of the violence would flare up in our country. ”We are hoping very hard that we will never need it,” said a spokesperson for physicians ‘ organisation KNMG at Heart of the country. ”In this scenario, we take it, only at the moment when all medical options have been exhausted. It is important to say that it doesn’t replace it. We will start by looking at the medical criteria. If that is the same, only this script there. The age of it is very, very the last resort. If you really cannot tell the difference, and if you really don’t know what you have to do is to go to the last desperate step.”

The script is based on a worst-case scenario, in which there are too few beds are available in icu wards, to any person in need of care coronapatiënten to be able to handle it. Physicians should be on the basis of certain criteria, make choices of who is and who is not on the craft itself. ”Here’s what you really, really, really, really, really don’t. You can not be of doctors, ask questions. But the alternative is far worse. You find yourself standing with your hands in your hair, then you, as a doctor, taking the plunge, without any context,” according to the spokesperson of the KNMG.

‘Horrible balancing act’

Dick Wilson is an ethicist and wrote the script. He tells them that they are about for a long time been thinking of. ”It’s a horrible situation that we don’t want to, but it is in February, march and april, but very close. The fear is that there is good in it. It may be that we are at the end of this year, a wave, and that we’re so close.”

He understands the angst that it is right now. ”Age is a very difficult point. During the financial crisis, it is said, a person over 70 years of age will not be in the system. Now, we like to say, if he has a medical point of view, to the IC may be, it would also be a risk. However, if there is at any given time, 2 of the patients, and for the 1 bed, you will need to make a choice. If you do not have a choice, you’ll need lots, and it is even more difficult to be accepted. We join the elderly in advance, so it is not out of

Health care providers, and young people

The patients who are most likely to have to take to get to me would be, according to the protocol, should be given priority, so as to be able to make it for a sick person. Then, the people who work in the health care of the virus have been incurred, as, for example, a mask for them.

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If the doctors are even better choices to be made, to the younger generations, priority is given to older people. The house of parliament and the government do not want that the age plays an important role in the choice of the medical profession. The Minister, Hugo Young (Health) assured the Chamber that he, if necessary, should be prohibited.

If you have a priority?

If the doctors do such an impossible choice to make, then it should be the patients with the most chance of survival is a priority, as well as 42 per cent of the Population. Nearly a quarter of the Dutch population, leaving the choice to the physicians (21 per cent) and 18 per cent find that the patients are on a first come first served basis and must be dealt with.

That is, the government is less than. The lots would also have to be able to, but of all the evils is to select, on the basis of first come first served basis even in the least, to write to minister Martin van Rijn (Health Care) in the house of commons.

What is the Netherlands is the opiniepanel from the Heart of the country. The panel currently consists of 35,000 members. As Per research, it is a part of a panel invited to attend. This is done on the basis of the characteristics of the participants, such as political affiliation, sex, place of residence, and age. All of the studies are conducted under the supervision of the opiniepeiler Maurice de Hond.


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