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COP 26: Glasgow Climate Agreement, Greta Thunberg’s Comment leaves you speechless. The details

Disappointed Greta Thunberg leaves everyone speechlessThe Swedish activist Greta Thunberg continues to tread the world media, with a very critical eye towards the meetings of the Cop26, the United Nations conference on climate change recently held in Glasgow. They were even more vague than usual, he has declared Greta in an interview with BBC in which he spared no criticism of the great of the Earth who, in his opinion, have achieved very little results in Scotland. “They managed to water down the blah blah blah. This is an achievement “, the caustic comment from the Swede.

Unfortunately it ended as I expected. There are many small steps forward but the document can be interpreted in many ways “, he continued Greta.
“We can still expand the fossil fuel infrastructure, we can still increase global emissions. It is very vague indeed and, although we may have made some small progress, we must remember that the climate crisis is a matter of time, it’s an accumulative crisis, and as long as we take small steps we lose “.

Recall, as reported by the newspaper Huffingtonpost, that the countries of the Cop26 they agreed to gradually reduce rather than eliminate gradually the carbone after that India and China opposed it the commitment foreseen in the previous draft negotiations. There Thunberg he also reiterated that the “small progress” made could prove to be one lotta against global warming can be “lost”, since time is an important factor.

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After all, even the same President of the Cop26, Alok Sharma, after 15 days of talks, he said deeply sorry for how events unfolded. The commitments, in fact, he concludes they don’t go much farther from limiting the temperature increase to 1.5 ° C.


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