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What properties of glass does the artist use in her works, how large-scale spatial installations are made and which are characteristic of the works we will see in the exhibition, Cultural rondo interviews glass artist Anda Munkevica, whose solo exhibition “Switches” will be on view at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design from January 15.

“Through this material, which I work with, I invite you to think a little bit. That is why it is called ‘Switches’, because in my Latvian philosophical sense it is a direction, a movement and must be chosen in this movement.”

The monumental works of the artist are several hundred kilograms heavy.

“But it is a material that never forgives mistakes, too hard, fragile, heavy, also elite and expensive to process. This is not a material that can work alone, requires a team,” admits Anda Munkevica. I call them earrings, I can pick them up myself. I don’t need a team. ”

One sculpture can take three months.

“It’s already me crazy who needs it, who will appreciate it. That’s right, I understand it, but you can’t be different, it’s like a singer has to sing and a trumpet player has to play a trumpet, and a football player has to play a ball,” says Anda Munkevica.

Anda Munkevica is a leading glass artist in Latvia, who has been working with this media for more than thirty years. She embodies existential reflections and solves ethical dilemmas in allegorical and symbolic images. The author’s extensive spatial installations and extended work cycles are characterized by philosophical contemplation. The artist is fluent in a wide range of glass processing. Glass is tinted, fused, bent, constructed, cut, torn, polished, engraved and processed in many other ways, within the field of authoring. With amazing craftsmanship, Anda Munkevica uses the plastic and visual properties of the material, composing the interplay of color and light, creating a peculiar sensuality unique to glass. The sculptor Gleb Panteleyev believes that “the sculptural significance is revealed in her sculptures”.

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The Anda Munkevica’s solo exhibition “Switches” at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design will feature compositions from the last five years. Most of the works the artist has created for this exhibition. The thematic guiding principle of the project is the moment of transition, the crossroads. These are the crossroads of time and the crossroads of action, when you face existential challenges and no external markers help you navigate them – you have to look inside yourself, ask questions to your conscience, make choices and find the way forward.

Two main compositions are played in the exhibition on the theme of “Switches”. These are the installation “Trail of Identity” and the set “In the Power of Time”, which consists of three cycles: “Black Horses”, “White Horses” and “Blue Horses”. In the so-called Horse Cycle, peace, reconciliation, eroticism and balancing tenderness are contrasted with creativity, power and destruction. These are allegorical compositions that embody the full course of life with its stable and contrasting points – the cardiogram of life. The “Identity Trail”, on the other hand, is like a purgatory – it ritually takes you through the experience of the blow of destiny, which initially humiliates you, but then, step by step, encourages you to be reborn and ascended. In turn, “Society”, “Sizifi”, “Observers” and other works expand the theme of the exhibition, allowing it to be coupled with a specific dimension of social reality or encourage the interpretation of what is seen in the exhibition in timeless categories.

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