Health Global Covid cases exceed 30 million and the WHO...

Global Covid cases exceed 30 million and the WHO asks not to lower its arms

The rate at which infections have increased in recent weeks shows some stability, but not a visible downward trend, with between 1.8 and 2 million cases being added to the statistics each week.

Deaths, which total 943,433, increase between 40,000 and 50,000 a week.

“These are huge figures that are not what we want to have, they are not what the northern hemisphere wants to have when it heads into winter, nor what developing countries want after nine months with their health systems under pressure,” he analyzed Today during a virtual press conference the director of the Department of Health Emergencies of the WHO, Mike Ryan.

He explained that although the global cases curve has flattened, this hides large differences between regions and countries, since there are some where cases have increased very strongly lately, such as in India, Argentina, Spain, France or Israel.

“And remember that in places like Africa, where we have not seen a strong increase in cases, this could reflect that many countries do not have access to adequate tests,” Ryan said.

As an encouraging fact, Ryan confirmed that the ratio of deaths to cases has fallen because the disease is being treated better and as more tests are done, infected people receive faster care.

The WHO confirmed that it will still take time to bring the coronavirus under control. Serological studies carried out in many countries continue to indicate that the majority of the world’s population is still susceptible to contracting the disease.

“This is not ending and in countries that are entering winter, when people will stay in closed spaces longer, there is still much to do, including avoiding amplifying events” of the pandemic, the expert said.

The head of the WHO pandemic cell, María Van Kerkhove, added that attention should not only be paid to the number of confirmed cases, but also to hospitalizations or the occupation of intensive care units.

“These are very important parameters to understand how severe the pandemic is in a certain country, province or district, which also allows us to understand the impact that other essential medical services are suffering,” he explained.


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