Global Strike For Future, thousands of students on strike for the climate: "No party represents us, they have done nothing"


Tens of thousands only a Milan. And then down from Bologna to Florence, passing through Rome is Bari until Palermo. Hundreds of thousands of students have filled the squares all over Italy this morning for the Global Strike For Future, the general strike for the planet launched by the 16 year old Greta Thunberg become a symbol of the fight against climate change. "This – say the boys – is a square of young people, of people and there is none no party that can represent our struggles because in these years no party has done anything for the climate ”. A "Cry of pain" the day the Minister for the Environment calls it, Sergio Costa, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. "I want to call it a demonstration and not a strike – he added -" These guys don't waste time, but invest it. "

Only in Milan do the organizers know that the march that has gathered in largo Cairoli are present among the 30 and the 40 thousand people. A number that grew minute by minute, so much so that the end of the event was moved from Piazza della Scala to Piazza Duomo: "We are hundred thousand, we are not there – announce – We are the largest student square that Milan remembers", The organizers said. "Thank you for what you are doing today, but think about what you will be doing tomorrow – the mayor said Beppe Sala – Testifying and committing yourself is important and you must always do it. I promise you, and it is not a politician's promise that he will not maintain, that I will be there on the subject of the environment ".

Another 10 thousand people gathered in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, the same number a turin, Bologna and Rome: "If we are here today – say the many participants – it is because we want a future". There are not only young but also many children with parents, teachers and the elderly in the colorful parades. "Thanks Greta, let's save the planet“, The homage of the Bolognese students to the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg which started the climate strikes and which has now become the symbol of the commitment to support the planet, so much so that it is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. In the flash mob in Piazza Palazzo di Città, in front of the town hall, in Turin, the young people played at the same time a thousand alarms to remind everyone that "There is no more time".

TO Taranto, the march takes on a special meaning for the health situation and environmental caused by the emission of large industrial plants, starting with the steel plant ex Ilva, managed for several months by ArcelorMittal. "You broke our lungs". "There is no planet B". "I come from an area where the air is not good": are some of the sentences written on billboards and banners carried in procession by several hundred students who have joined, along with movements, environmental associations and citizens.

"This strike is done today, by Washington to Moscow, from Tromso to Ivercargill, from Beirut in Jerusalem, from Shanghai in Mumbai, why the politicians have abandoned usThe Swedish 16-year-old wrote in the main German newspaper, along with the German face of the protest Luisa Neubauer. I am not Italy in fact, but all over the world there are thousands of people who have mobilized adhering to the appeal launched by the young activist. "We have seen long-term negotiations for poor climate agreements, we have seen companies that have been given the green light to dig our land, drill under our soil and burn their future for their profits," adds Greta. "Politicians know the truth about climate change and nevertheless they have surrendered our future to the profiteers, whose desire for quick money threatens our existence ".


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