Global warming has caused the greatest catastrophe in the history of the Earth – Four


252 million years ago, the Earth heated by 10 degrees Celsius, says the research, which caused the destruction of most of the trees, insects, plants, lizards and even microbes on the planet.

252 million years ago, the greatest calamity that has ever suffered life in the world land, and a new study by American scientists seems to have found the root cause. 96% of all marine species and more than two thirds of the terrestrial species died due to a sudden global warming. The extinction marked the end of the geological period of Permian and has eclipsed the dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago.

"It was a great event, it was the worst extinction of the last 500 million years of life on the planet, "he said The Guardian Curtis Deutsch, expert in oceanography and research co-author. His team used Paleoceanographic records create a model and analyze changes in animal metabolism, the ocean situation and the climate. When they used a model to recreate the conditions of the end of the Permian period, they found that it corresponded to the records of extinction.

Their discovery showed that marine animals died because the oceans have lost about 80% of their oxygen due to heating Scientists believe that this increase in temperatures was caused by a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions, probably due to volcanic activity.

"It would really be a terrible time to be on the planet", added Deutsch, warning at the same time about the terrifying consequences of the increase in temperatures we are observing today: "We have made a tenth of the journey towards the Permian." Once the heating reaches 3-4 ° C, it would be a significant fraction and marine life would be in big trouble, to put it bluntly ".


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