GLOSA: New Taxis? The same for jockeys, safer for horses. The adjustments paid off

The Great Pardubice wrote its 131st chapter on Sunday, the first to pass the 10-year-old Talent with jockey Pavel Složil Jr. The main theme was, as usual, the Taxis ditch. This time even more than ever. The summer modifications of the famous obstacle aroused considerable emotions, their supporters and opponents did not leave the thread dry on the other side. Which of the camps is right?

Roman Vondrouš, ČTK

In connection with the injury on Taxis, 26 horses died in the history of Velká (note – some sources state as many as 29). The last victim a year ago was one of the favorites of the 130th year of Sottovento. This was an impulse for the organizer of the Great, Racing Association, to reduce the depth by a quarter of a meter to 75 centimeters (originally the hatch was 2 meters deep). It was eagerly awaited the effect of the adjustments.

“We had to ease Taxis, the health of horses and riders is a priority. We don’t want any more fatal accidents, “he said from the adjustment camp.” It will never be the famous Great one again. It’s as if you have halved Everest. In addition, the race will be even faster, younger and inexperienced horses will run. because they will obscure the more experienced, “opponents argue.

Sensation! Talent with jockey Složil won the Great Pardubice

Result? Positive due to safety. Only two horses fell on Taxis, escaping unharmed. “Taxis is the same for me, just safer. Dot, “said his five-time winner, jockey Jan Faltejsek, after Sunday’s race. Paradoxically, this time the jockey was injured by jockeys. He triumphed with Theophilus in the Great in 2019. With a broken pelvis, he will be out for a long time.

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Rough Great Pardubice! The famous jockey Bartoš has a serious injury, surgery awaits him

But back to Taxis. The day before Sunday’s race, thanks to the event of the Racing Club, I had the opportunity to see the dreaded and famous obstacle up close. Compare its current form with the original one (the rest of the 2 meter deep ditch with a vertical edge is right next door). All with an expert interpretation of the Czech legend Josef Váni.

“Every adjustment of Taxis is good. Why should horses be destroyed by the fact that if they make a mistake, they will pay with their lives, “said Váňa, who is a fan of modifications. Who else should be right than at the age of 69? someone likes it or not.


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