GLOSA: Sparta has a problem at the start. Favorable data means nothing without goals

Acting captain Dávid Hancko pointed out the Spartan paradox immediately. In previous seasons, the team managed to score enough goals to be able to think about the championship title. But uncertain defense and the number of conceded goals thwarted his plans every time.

So Brian Priske started in the summer from the defensive end. He praises that his team really doesn’t let the opponent have too many chances. But again, efficiency falters. In total, Sparta scored only three goals in the last four matches in Austria. The ending brings her down.

We absolutely dominated. We only lacked goals, Brian Priske evaluates his debutVideo:

The data that the Danish coach clings to are favorable. However, goals are the most important final indicator. Gone is Hložek, who was able to save the team in an emergency, Dočkal finished, whose assists or precisely played set pieces could benefit the finishing teammates. Above all, it is now up to the trio of midfielders Karabec, Sadílek, Fortelný to ensure that the team does not have to bitterly remember the recent supports thanks to their ideas. And on reinforcements for Kucht’s attack again, to start scoring goals quickly.

The matchup with Viking is only half way through. Now comes the more demanding part in the form of a rematch on the artificial turf in Norway, where the Praguers will not take any lead.

There is no reason to panic, concrete Stavanger were outplayed throughout the match. Priske boasts that the players quickly get used to his demands and demands. They, in turn, assure that they believe in the new trend, that they will stay away from it in retaliation.

We are disappointed. I’ve never seen an opponent here that we shut down like this, says Dávid HanckoVideo:

But without the final effect, data and praise are worthless. The likeable Dane is welcome at Letná, but he needs to build up the trust of the management, the team and the fans quickly. A fundamental change requires time, and a misfortune at the very beginning, such as elimination with Stavanger would of course be, would complicate the situation for him considerably.

Believe and your faith will make you well. Sparta must now not back down at the start of the Priske reform. However, the fundamental problem with efficiency needs to be solved immediately. Ideally, even before the start of the domestic league, in which she set the championship title as her ultimate goal.

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