Glucose stunned the audience with candid photos with strained “fox noses”

The star in nude underwear decided to “rehearse the lockdown.”

Glucose. Photo:

35-year-old singer Glucose (Natalia Ionova) is a happy wife and mother of two daughters: Lydia, born in 2007, and Vera, who was born in 2011. Recently, the artist unexpectedly for herself appeared with the eldest heiress in one program “Russia 1”, “Duets”.

When the mirror wall rose, and she saw who was singing with her, the singer burst into tears and at some point could not continue performing the song. But the young performer’s nerves turned out to be stronger, she calmly and with absolute purity continued her singing. Glucose said that her daughter is really cool, much cooler than her. And Lida enthusiastically pointed her finger at her mother and repeated: “This is my mother! That’s my mom!”

What can I say, the rising star’s mom is really gorgeous. At 35, she not only did not lose her former shape, but, on the contrary, became more interesting, more beautiful and sexier. In her personal blog, Glucose decided to tease her fans with a sexy snapshot, being captured in bed in one nude bodysuit. Through the underwear stood out “fox noses” on the chest, and the star effectively spread her legs, squatting on her knees.

Glucose. Photo:

“Rehearsing lockdown,” she signed the frame.

It’s not hard to guess that the photo was a resounding success with the public. Followers flooded Natalia Ionova’s microblog with enthusiastic comments and likes.

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