GNR discovers woman placed in captivity by her husband in Gondomar

A man was detained in Gondomar, after the GNR found that he had locked the woman in an annex of the common house, closed with a padlock, but the judicial authorities chose to establish non-custodial measures for the suspect.

In a statement this Thursday on its website, the GNR indicates that the Criminal Instruction Court of Porto decided that the 66-year-old defendant would await the development of the process obliged to keep away from the victim and not contact her for any reason. quite.

The case reported this Thursday by the GNR took place on Monday, the day that the military of that security force verified in Melres, Gondomar, that the suspect “had locked the victim, his 65-year-old wife, with a padlock, in a building adjacent to his residence.”

The annex is located on farmland. “surrounded by a wall about two meters high”, still according to the police authority.


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