Go Hyun-jung, after dieting, exposing her bare shoulders boldly..A slender body[★SNS]

Photo|Allure Korea SNS

[스포츠서울|조현정기자]Actress Go Hyeon-jeong revealed her beauty that is difficult to measure time.

Fashion magazine Allure Korea posted on its official SNS on the 19th, “Actress Go Hyun-jung, who has passed through a solid time and is filled with the beauty of the times. I put together that dazzling smile, lucid gestures, and vivid yellow colors,” and posted several photos.

In the published photo, Go Hyun-jung shows off her alluring beauty. She exuded a charismatic yet elegant atmosphere with her long straight hair and unique young beauty.

In particular, Go Hyun-jung boldly exposed her slender shoulder line after dieting, and her sharper features and slender body attracted attention.

Meanwhile, Go Hyun-jung is visiting the small screen with JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘People like you’.

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photo| Allure Korea SNS


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